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Reliance Electric AutoMax 61C544 RTD Analog Input 16 Point Module 61 C 544


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Reliance Electric AutoMax 61C544 RTD Analog Input 16 Point Module 61 C 544



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Frequently Asked Questions about 61C544

What does 61C544 control?
61C544 drives a 14-bit A/D converter once the 61C544's 16 pairs of measurement inputs are multiplexed to an instrumentation amplifier.
How much input do the channels on 61C544 have?
The channels on 61C544 have 100 Ohm platinum RTD input.
What are some features of 61C544?
61C544 has several features. 61C544 has broken wire detection, automatic calibration, 4 alarm setpoints per channel, 12 bit resolution plus sign, and a couple other features.

Product Description

The 61C544 unit is an RTD module that was made to be part of the AutoMax PLC series. This device is no longer available in Reliance Electric’s stock, but it might, however, be in AX Control’s stock. To check on the availability of the 61C544 RTD module, you can look on our website or contact us via either email or phone.

The 61C544 RTD module has a total of sixteen pairs of measurement inputs. These measurement inputs are used to drive a 14 bit A/D converter by using the instrumentation amplifier onto which they are multiplexed. By having this configuration active, the 61C544 RTD module is able to measure the voltage drop across the selected RTD element. Keep in mind that you do not need to use an external power supply to use the 61C544 RTD module. In addition to that, the 61C544 RTD module can be used with either remote or local racks. 

Included on the 61C544 RTD module is broken wire detection and automatic calibration. Also, the 64C544 RTD module has access to the following features: four alarm setpoints for each channel, 12 bit resolution, and 2-3-4 wire RTDs. In addition to that, the 61C544 RTD module has the capability to convert the temperature reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa. This device has a running average of 1 through 60 samples. Lastly, the maximum module power dissipation of this module is 7.5 Watts. 

Be sure to take proper safety precautions when operating this device. This includes the area in which the 61C544 RTD module is stored. The storage temperature must be between -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 185 degrees Fahrenheit and the operating temperature must be between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity must be non-condensing and between 5% and 90%.

The 61C544 RTD module weighs 2.00 lbs. or 0.90 kg.

61C544 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 61C544
Product Type RTD Input Module
Series AutoMate PLC

AX Control Warranty Info

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