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The 57C493 is a 376-watt Power Supply Module


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The 57C493 is a 376-watt Power Supply Module



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Frequently Asked Questions about 57C493

Is 57C493 enclosed?
Yes, 57C493 is enclosed in a protective steel housing with an integral heatsink. 
What does 57C493 contain?
57C493 contains a 376 watt Power Supply Module as well as two keyswitch keys.
What power does 57C493 convert?
57C493 converts 115 VAC input power. 57C493 converts the 115 VAC into the DC voltages necessary to operate the other modules contained in the rack.
Will I learn more about 57C493 in the manual?
Yes, the manual for 57C493, Manual J2-3008, the AutoMax Power Supply Modules and Racks Manual, is a great manual when referencing 57C493. The manual is specific to 57C493 along with the other Reliance AutoMax power supply module and the three slot racks.

Product Description

The 57C493 is a Reliance Electric Powered Supply. This power supply may have also been sold under the Asea Brown Boveri and/or Baldor Reliance product lines depending on what years it was actually in production. None of these companies still maintain the 57C493 and it may be a little hard to track down. AX Control does make every effort to keep it in stock as either a refurbished or new surplus part.

The 57C493 is a 376 W Power Supply Module that has an input voltage of 100-132 VAC. It has a nominal input frequency of 50/60 HZ. It has an isolation rating of 1500 VAC input-to-input or 600V DC output-to-rack.  This module features captive ejectors, a removable terminal switch, and over-voltage/over-current protection. This module features a protective aluminum chassis and a heatsink.

The faceplate on the 57C493 has a few different features. It has two LEDs that are labeled POWER and FAULT. It has a key switch that is labeled PROGRAM, MEMORY PROTECT, and SETUP.  It has a replaceable fuse that is 250V. It has a spot for a Battery Back-Up. It also has a covered terminal strip that is labeled L2 120VAC L1. This power supply takes up three slots on an AutoMax Storage Rack and must be the leftmost item on the rack. You can attach this power supply to the rack using a set of mounting screws and the brackets that are on the rack and the faceplate. You can also use the faceplate brackets to safely remove the power supply from the rack when needed.


57C493 Technical Specifications

Instruction Manual J2-3008
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 57C493
Product Type Power Supply Module
Series AutoMax PLC

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