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The 57C445 is a PC Link Interface made by Reliance Electric.


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The 57C445 is a PC Link Interface made by Reliance Electric.



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Frequently Asked Questions about 57C445

What does 57C445 do for the AutoMax network?
57C445 was designed to make any AT-bus personal computer function as a drop on the DCS/AutoMax Network or the DCS/AutoMax Remote I/O Network.
Can more than one 57C445 be used for a personal computer?
Yes multiple 57C445 modules can be installed in a personal computer, but the number of 57C445 modules depends on the amount of expansion slots available as well as the amount of memory left on the computer. When using multiple 57C445's, each is configured separately.
How many status LEDs are on a Reliance AutoMax 57C445?
57C445 has two status LEDs. The LEDs are located on the rear of the 57C445 module. One LED on 57C445 is red and one is green. When a personal computer is powered up, both LEDs on 57C445 will light up.
Where can I retrieve the manual for 57C445?
We have the manual for 57C445 for you. You can stop by our office to pick up the manual or we can easily send you the link to the manual for 57C445. The manual is Manual J2-3011, The AutoMax PC Link Interface Module Manual specific to 57C445.
What is the size of 57C445?
57C445 is 4.2 by 6 inches.

Product Description

The 57C445 is a PC Link Interface made by Reliance Electric. This interface may have also been created under the Baldor Reliance or Asea Brown Boveri names depending on when it was actually created. This part is no longer receiving any type of support from these companies and could be hard to locate. AX Control does try to keep this part in stock.

 The 57C445 is meant to be an interface between an AutoMax DCS and an IBM compatible PC. This card allows these two devices to exchange information at a speed of 1.75 megabaud. It gets these speeds because it does not use an RS-232 connection. This card has the ability to facilitate data collection, system programming, process monitoring, diagnostics, and user/machine interfaces. This card comes with Network Communication Software. This module can be paired with up to 15 other modules per processor rack and 7 remote racks per module when it is on a remote I/O communications system. It can have up to 56 nodes (1 master and 55 slaves) on a DCS-Network system. 

The 57C445 does not come protected by a chassis or enclosure. It is a very basic circuit board and is considered to be a half-slot card. It plugs directly into a female card slot. There are two connections on the small faceplate of this card that are BNC connectors. These are coaxial connections that hookup the 57C445 to the AutoMax network. Only two of these cards can be used on the same computer system.

The 57C445 should only be stored in temperatures between 40 and 85 degrees Celsius and should only operate between 5 and 50 degrees Celsius.

57C445 Technical Specifications

Instruction Manual J2-3011
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 57C445
Product Type PC Link Interface Module
Series AutoMax PLC

AX Control Warranty Info

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