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The 57C435A is an AutoMax Processor Module made by Reliance Electric.


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The 57C435A is an AutoMax Processor Module made by Reliance Electric.



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Frequently Asked Questions about 57C435A

How much memory does 57C435A have?
57C435A has 512K Parity RAM memory. 57C435A can be used in a rack to increase the processing capability and the total memory available for application tasks.
What is the AutoMax programming executive software model number to be used with 57C435A?
57C435A uses executive software model number 57C393.
Is the manual for 57C435A readily available?
Yes, we're have to provide you with the manual for 57C435A. The manual specific to 57C435A is the AutoMax Processor Module Manual for model numbers 57C430A, 57C31, and 57C435. 57C435A corresponds to 57C435 therefore this manual, manual J-3650, is the manual for 57C435A. The manual is a Reliance Electric manual.
What does the fault code LED error 00 mean on a Reliance 57C435A?
When you see the 00 LED fault on a 57C435A, it means the 57C435A had a CPU overload. To correct this fault on a 57C435A, move one or more application tasks to a different processor module in the same rack as 57C435A. You can also make scan times longer on the 57C435A to correct the fault.

Product Description

The 57C435A is an AutoMax Processor Module made by Reliance Electric. This module may have also been sold under the Baldor Reliance or ABB product lines at one point, but it has since been discontinued. AX Control still attempts to keep the 57C435A in stock even if it has become hard to find.

The 57C435A was originally based on a 32-bit Motorola 68020 microprocessor. It is a 7010 processor module with a 25 mHz CPU speed and a 512K parity RAM. It has the ability to run programs that will control other modules within the AutoMax system. There are three languages that can be used to program this processor: Ladder Logic, Control Block, and Basic.

The 57C435A’s faceplate has several key features on it. There is a bank of LED indicators. There are two small green LEDs in this grouping that are labeled BAT OK and OK. There are also two 7-segment LED fault code indicators that are labeled 1st and 2nd. There are two RS-232 ports below the LEDs that are labeled Port A and Programmer/Port B. On the right side of the module is a user-replaceable battery backup. This battery protects the data held within the RAM for a minimum of 186 days when it suffers a power loss. This module can be plugged directly into an AutoMax card rack assembly system into its card slots. This module takes up a single card slot on the rack.  More than one processor can be plugged into the rack at a time.

You can find a copy of the 57C435A Reliance Automax manual on our website.  This document will help with tasks such as Automax PLC programming tasks. 

57C435A Technical Specifications

Instruction Manual J-3650
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 57C435A
Product Type Processor Module
Series AutoMax PLC

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