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APL3000B Series from Pro-face Digital Electronic's. Industrial Node PC APL3000-BA-CM18 with RAS connector 9-pin and 250GB Hard Drive



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  • Part Number: APL3000-BA-CM18
  • SKU: APL3000BACM18PX
  • Manufacturer: Pro-face Xycom
  • Series: APL3000 Series

APL3000-BA-CM18 Technical Specifications

Global Code PFXPL30xxBAxxxxx
Input Voltage AC100 to 240V
Keypad/Display Node PC (No Display)
Model Number APL3000-BA

Product Description

The APL3000-BA-CM18 is a standard Pro-face APL3000 series unit. This is only one of many APL3000 series units available within our inventory.  Please take a look at other options within this series, as well as other Pro-Face units.  This unit does not include a display but instead is a node box.  The unit requires 120-204 VAC. 

The  APL3000-BA-CM18 is built around an Intel Celeron M 1.86 GHz processor.  This unit can have two or four PCI slots, depending on build, and may have 1G or 2G of memory, also depending on build.   

There are multiple APL3000-BA-CM18 units available.  If you need a specific model of this unit, please reach out to our team to verify exactly which versions we have available at this time.  Unit versions include too many to list separately, but we are always happy to check our current stock against what you need. 

AX Control maintains a wide range of inventory within our warehouse facility so we can more quickly provide you with what you need.  Most of our in-stock products can be packed and ready to go within a few hours of your order’s receipt.  Let us know if you need expedited shipping or if you have any other special requirements.   As always, local customers are welcome to arrange for pick-up at our warehouse. 

Our company partners with companies around the world to provide legacy and hard-to-find industrial automation replacement parts.  Talk to our team today about how we can provide your factory with the security of less downtime. 

Reviews For APL3000-BA-CM18

Internal Review

When installing this Pro-face PC, be aware the DC power connector has no integrated on/off switch. As a safety precaution, you should install a breaker-type switch to the unit's power cord. --AX Control Tech Team

  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-2J250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-2J250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-2J250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-2M250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-EM2GNO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-EM2GNO250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-NO250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ16S-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ16S-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XJ250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XM16S-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XM250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-1G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-2G-XJ16S-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-2G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-2G-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-2G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-4G-XJ16S-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-2J250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-2J250D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-2J250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-NO250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XJ250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XM250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-2P-5M-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-EM2G-B
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-EM2GNO16S-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-EM2GNO250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-EM2GNO250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XJ250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XJ250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XM250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-1G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-2G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-2G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-2G-XJ250D-B
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-4G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-2J250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-B
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-EM2G-B
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-NO250-BD
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-XJ250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CM18-4P-5M-XM250-D

Repair Services For APL3000-BA-CM18

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $428

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your APL3000-BA-CM18. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty. A warranty certificate will be provided with your order upon request.
All PLCs, HMIs, and Turbine Control Boards: 3 Years
All AC/DC and Servo Drives: 2 Years
All Motors: 1 Year
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