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The Pro-face APL Series APL3000-BA-CD2G Built-In Industrial Node PC with 250 GB Hard Drive



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  • Part Number: APL3000-BA-CD2G
  • Manufacturer: Pro-face Xycom
  • Series: APL3000 Series

APL3000-BA-CD2G Technical Specifications

Global Code PFXPL30xxBAxxxxx
Input Voltage AC100 to 240V
Keypad/Display Node PC (No Display)
Model Number APL3000-BA

Product Description

APL3000-BA-CD2G is a Pro-Face Performance Industrial “Node” PC that is manufactured as part of the APL3000 series. The CPU is an Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz and the supported operating system is Windows XP Pro / XP ML. The standard memory is 1 GB / 2 GB / 4 GB. The graphics display resolution for VGA is 640 x 480 pixels, and the graphics display resolution for UXGA is 1600 x 1200 pixels. The maximum video memory is 64 MB (UMA type). This PC has 4 serial communication ports that are RS-232C, D-sub 9-pin (plug) ports. There are also 2 LAN ports and 4 USB 2.0 compatible ports (disable/enable selectable). Sound emits from a speaker. The Remote Health Monitor is a RAS connector 9-pin (socket). The PC has a 250 GB hard disk drive. The PCI is PCI x 2 or PCI x 4. The atmosphere for this PC must be free of corrosive gases. The insulation resistance is 500 VDC, 10MΩ between charging and the FG terminals. The voltage endurance is 1500 VAC, 20 mA for one minute between charging and the FG terminals.

Optional items for this PC are the DIMM memory module (CA7-DDR2-512MB, CA7-DDR2-1GB, or CA7-DDR2-2GB), the HDD unit (APL3000-HD250), the CF card (CA3-CFCALL/512MB-01, CA6-CFCALL/1GB-01, CA8-CFCALL/2GB-01, or 144766), the RAID kit (RAID-KIT-01), the USB cable (FP-US00), the USB front cable (CA5-USBEXT-01), the RS-232C cable (FP61V-IS00-O), the DVI-D cable (FP-DV01-50), the analog RGB cable (FP-CV02-45), the RGB converter cable (CA7-CBLCVRGB-01), the DVI-D/RGB branch cable (CA7-CBLCVDVI-D/RGB-01), the installation fastener (APL-ATFB-01), and the external floppy disc (9000-USBF).

Reviews For APL3000-BA-CD2G

Internal Review

Standard installation procedures for this unit include separating operational circuit power control cables from their I/O signal lines. When you are installing the unit, be sure to prepare for this design feature. --AX Control Tech Team

  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-2J250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-EM2GNO250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-NO250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XJ250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XM16SD
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XM250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XM250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-1G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-EM2GNO250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-EM2GNO250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-NO250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XJ250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XJ250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XM16S-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XM250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XM250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XM250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-2G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-4G-2J250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-4G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-4G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-4G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-4G-XM250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-5M-2J250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-5M-2J250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-5M-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-5M-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-5M-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-2P-5M-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-EM2G-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-EM2GNO250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-EM2GNO250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-NO250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-SU
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XJ250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XJ250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XJ250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XJ250D-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XM250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XM250-BM
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XM250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-1G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-EM2G-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-EM2G-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-EM2GNO250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-NO16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-NO250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XJ250D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XJ250-D
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XJ250D-S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XM250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XM250-B
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XM250-BM
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-2G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-4G-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-4G-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-4G-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-4G-XM16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-4G-XM250D-BM
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-4G-XM250-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-5M-EM2G
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-5M-NO250
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-5M-XJ16S
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-5M-XJ250D-M
  • APL3000-BA-CD2G-4P-5M-XM250

Repair Services For APL3000-BA-CD2G

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $657

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your APL3000-BA-CD2G. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty. A warranty certificate will be provided with your order upon request.
All PLCs, HMIs, and Turbine Control Boards: 3 Years
All AC/DC and Servo Drives: 2 Years
All Motors: 1 Year
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