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Parker Eurotherm LINK Station L5392


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Parker Eurotherm LINK Station L5392




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Frequently Asked Questions about L5392

What type of display does the L5392 have?
The L5392 is a color linkstation with a 6 inch LCD display. The L5392 has a brightness adjustment features to lighten or darken the LCD screen as much as needed.
What is the purpose of the L5392?
The L5392 is a touchscreen operator control station used to control the Link network. The L5392 allows for direct control of all module, drives, and programmable logic controllers within the Link network.
Does AX Control provide a warranty on the L5392?
AX Control will provide a three year warranty on any HMI including the L5392. If your L5392 isn't functioning correctly, AX Control will either repair any issues, replace your device, or grant your a refund.

Product Description


From the industrial automation focused subsidiary of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Eurotherm SSD, this product is labeled with the manufacturing part number of L5392.

The L5392 model LINK Station is a micro processor module capable of high speed information transfer and receiving for the process control of industrial applications.

The integrated hardware on the L5392 provides users with a color image LCD touch screen interface for operators to use in order to access the LINK Control system networks.

The L5392 model is outfitted with four slots designed for inputting compatible LINK Cards. An L5311 model Real Time Network (RTN) LINK Card is required with each unit to communicate with the standard acrylic fiber LINK network and is usually fitted in the furthest left slot.

The technical specifications of the L5392 gives it a 6 inch diagonal screen size, in a 320 by 240 pixel resolution. The weight is a standard 6.6 pounds, and a 6.61 inch height, 8.5 in width, and 5.59 in depth.

AX Control is able to offer up to three years of protective warranty on your purchase, and our sales staff is available if there are any questions about price quotes, then we are able to be reached via phone or email.

If you have any industrial items that are unable to be repaired, then we will be able to dispose of the materials and waste as a part of AX Control’s exchange credit program, which will give you a better deal on your purchase for helping take broken merchandise from out of the world.

L5392 Technical Specifications

Dimensions 6.61 H x 8.50 W x 5.59 D inches, 6.6lbs
Manual Number HA353686
Manufacturer Eurotherm Parker SSD
Model Color Linkstation
MPN L5392
Product Type LinkStation
Series SSD Link / Eurotherm Drives
Voltage 85/265 VDC

L5392 Documents

  • L5392-Issue 1
  • L5392-Issue 2
  • L5392-Issue 2.1
  • L5392-Issue 3
  • L5392-Rev. 2.0
  • L5392-Rev. 2.1
  • L5392-Rev. 3.0
  • L5392-Rev. 4.1

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty.
All PLCs and HMIs: 3 years
All AC/DC and Servo Drives: 2 years
All Motors: 1 year
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