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Parker Eurotherm Link Repeater L5206-2-01



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  • Part Number: L5206-2-01
  • SKU: L5206201PES
  • Manufacturer: Parker Eurotherm SSD
  • Series: Link Hardware

L5206-2-01 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Eurotherm Parker SSD
Series SSD Link / Eurotherm Drives
MPN L5206-2-01
Product Type Link Gateway Repeater
Model Link Gateway Repeater
Manual Number HA351222A
Voltage 20/28VDC
Dimensions 6.89in x 3.15in x 2.32in, 1.35lbs

Product Description


Developed and built by Parker Eurotherm SSD, the L5206-2-01 is a LINK Gateway Repeater model, built for data intake and transfer between fiber optic networks and LINK Gateways, and is meant to be connected together  by a shielded cable to the repeater’s DB25 connector port.

The L5206-2-01 is kept safe by an IP 66 grade NEMA 4 frame casing, designed to handle outdoor hazards and debris that may cause damage when unprotected, and built to protect operators from any injury that may occur from a damaged product.

This model is suitable for mounting to both indoor and outdoor equipment enclosures or in unprotected environments. The L5206-2-01 supports the transmission of two LINK channels: either a primary and secondary pair of channels, or a pair of discrete primary channels.

The L5206-2-01 model has standard technical specifications, such as an operating temperature range from negative 10 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius, and requires a power intake ranging from 20 to 28 DCV, though 24 DCV is a nominal average. It has a current consumption of 55 milliamperes.

The model’s physical dimensions include a height of 175 millimeters, or 6.89 inches, with a width of 80 mm, or 3.15 in, and a standard physical depth of 59 mm, or 2.32 in. This model weighs a standard 0.61 kilograms, or 1.35 pounds.

AX Control offers a comprehensive warranty of up to 3 years, and our team is available for any questions on pricing, repairs, and/or recycling irreparable products.

Frequently Asked Questions about L5206-2-01

What type of environment should the L5206-2-01 be installed in?
The L5206-2-01 is held in a NEMA 4 enclosure which helps protect it in any environment it is placed in. The NEMA 4 case allows the L5206-2-01 to be installed in a harsh climates or outside the equipment enclosure. 
What happens when the L5206-2-01 is connected?
When the L5206-2-01 is connected to the Link repeater, the L5206-2-01 get added to the Link network and data is processed through it.
Does AX Control have the manual for the L5206-2-01?
AX Control has the manual for the L5206-2-01 which describes the function of the device, technical specifications, and installation process of the device.
  • L5206-2-01-Issue 1
  • L5206-2-01-Issue 2
  • L5206-2-01-Issue 2.1
  • L5206-2-01-Issue 3
  • L5206-2-01-Rev. 2.0
  • L5206-2-01-Rev. 2.1
  • L5206-2-01-Rev. 3.0
  • L5206-2-01-Rev. 4.1

Repair Services For L5206-2-01

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $751

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your L5206-2-01. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty. A warranty certificate will be provided with your order upon request.
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L5206-2-01 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting