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Limit Process Controller LK2010


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Limit Process Controller LK2010



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Product Description

The LK-2010 is a High Speed/High Accuracy CDC Laser Displacement Sensor manufactured by Keyence. It was produced in the LK-G5000 series. It has been discontinued by Keyence and is considered obsolete.

The LK-2010 is considered to be a controller or a displacement gauge. This sensor’s primary function is to measure how a produced laser beam reacts to a surface’s reflection. Because of the versatility of this sensor, you can adjust it to take into consideration a surfaces’ color, luster, and material to get accurate results. It does this by adjusting the laser’s intensity and sensitivity. Using the ABLE function, you can set the sensor to make these adjustments either automatically or manually. You can also use another function to specify the transparency of an object which will help to make sure you have a more stable reading.

The LK-2010 is a white rectangular sensor. It has five LED indicator lights on the front faceplate labeled TIMING, STABILITY, LASER ON, DARK, and BRIGHT. It has a key switch that will turn the laser on and off. On the inside of this unit, under the front lid, there are up and down arrow keys for a Shift command and a Span command. The Gain can be set to High, Auto, or Low.

Before installing or making any modifications to this unit, please read the LK-G5000 product manuals.

To request a price or repair quote from AX Control for the LK-2010, please click the links in the center of the page and fill out an email request form. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone.

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LK-2010 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting