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Black and White CCD Camera for Cognex Vision System


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Black and White CCD Camera for Cognex Vision System



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Product Description

The CV-C11 module was created and mass-produced by KEYENCE Corporation as part of the CV-500 series. The CV-C11 module is a black and white CCD video camera for the Cognex In-Sight 2D Vision System. 

The Cognex machine vision products are used to maximize the throughput by identifying the process inefficiencies that can occur. These inefficiencies are identified so that the operations that are being analyzed can reach their full potential. They also minimize waste by perceiving errors as early as possible in the process before many items need to be thrown away. Also, they work to optimize quality by inspecting things, even down to the smallest detail.

The Cognex In-Sight 2D Vision System cameras was created to be able to efficiently inspect, identify, and guide parts. They are industrial grade vision systems that have many different models, which includes color systems and line scan systems. They are self-contained systems that combine a library of advanced vision tools with high speed image acquisition and processing.

The CV-C11 camera records pictures in black and white rather than in color. The camera is very small and lightweight, with the camera itself being a small black device. The back of the CV-C11 camera has a black cable protruding out of it that is designed to be connected to the rest of the display, such as the controller and the display. The CV-C11 camera’s cable is 2M long and a silver connection part.

The CV-C11 module is approximately 0.70 lbs. or 0.32 kg., without including any of AX Control’s packaging materials.

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