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Horner Operator Interface Unit.


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Horner Operator Interface Unit.




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Frequently Asked Questions about HE693OIU177

What type of display if the HE693OIU177 equipped with?
The HE693OIU177 is equipped with a vacuum fluorescent displa (VDF).
What is the required power for the HE693OIU177?
The HE693OIU177 have to be powered with a 9-32V DC becuase of the power needed for the VFD display.
Can AX Control repair my HE693OIU177?
AX Controlhas the ability to repair any of our devices including the HE693OIU177. Our technicians are able to repair your device with board level repairs. The AX Control technicians complete a fully functioning test after the repairs are finished to ensure the device is fully functioning.

Product Description

HE693OIU177 is an HE693OIU interface that is manufactured by Horner APG. This interface includes an RS-485 port for an SNP connection and an RS-232 port for programming. There is a 20 key numeric keypad and 12 programmable function keys. There is a 2 x 20 vacuum fluorescent display. The character height is 0.197”. The interface also includes a real-time calendar clock, multi-dropped PLC support, hand held programmer emulation, SNP pass through, linear scaling, double integer read/write, serial printer support, and alarm enunciation capability. The interface is configurable from the keypad and via IBM software. The height is 5.50”, the width is 7.75”, and the mounting depth is 2.13”.

Production information can can be found on screens 1-3. Machine status can be found on screens 4-10. Machine setpoints can be found on screens 11-13. Operator prompting can be found on screens 101-115. Alarm enunciation can be found on screens 121-152. Troubleshooting and critical setpoints can be found on screens 201-205. On the OIU models there are 2 types of passwords: Level 1 and Level 2. A Level 1 password restricts access to troubleshooting. A Level 2 password restricts access to the OIU Setup Mode. The two basic modes of operation on the OIU are Setup Mode and Autorun mode. In Setup Mode, the operator uses the keypad to configure the interface. Also in Setup Mode, the OIU does not communicate with the PLC. In Autorun mode, the OIU communicates with the PLC, and all OIU functions (including the function keys) are active.

HE693OIU177 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Horner
Series GE Fanuc Series 90-30
Type Operator Interface Unit

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