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GE Multilin Mgmt Relay with 5 A CT Secondaries and 4-20mA Analog Outputs


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GE Multilin Mgmt Relay with 5 A CT Secondaries and 4-20mA Analog Outputs



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Frequently Asked Questions about SR489-P5-HI-A20

Is there a manual for the 489 GE Generator Management Relay?
Yes, there is a manual for the 489 GE Generator Management Relay. The manual can be found as a PDF with the manual part number is 1601-0150-AE. 
What mode is the unit in when the "489 IN SERVICE" light mean when it comes on?
The "489 IN SERVICE" light on this unit indicates that it is in protection mode and not in simulation mode. It also means that the internal systems are OK and all the input and output are OK. When this light comes on, the 489 unit is programmed. The LED light will flash next to the "489 IN SERVICE" when the unit is in simulation/testing mode.
How do I indicate that the 489 is overheating?
The LED light next to "HOT STATOR" will light up to let you know that the 489 unit is above a normal temperature. 

Product Description

SR489-P5-HI-A20 is a generator management relay that is manufactured by GE Multilin for the 489 series. This relay has 5 A phase CT secondaries. The HI control power is 90-300 VDC and 70265 VAC at 48-62 Hz. The analog outputs on this relay are 4 to 20 mA. This relay has a basic display. When the relay is energized, the relay contacts are unsafe to touch. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure proper insulation levels if the output relay contacts are required for low voltage accessible applications. The fuse current rating is 2.5 A. The fuse type is 5x20mm HRC SLO-BLO Littelfuse, and the fuse model is 215-02.5.

The order code for this series tells the user a few details about the part. The 489 indicates the series that this part comes from. The next two digits are the phase current inputs, which are either P1 (1 A phase CT secondaries) or P5 (5 A phase CT secondaries). The next two digits are the control power, which are either LO (20-60 VDC and 20-48 VAC at 48-62 Hz) or HI (90-300 VDC and 70-265 VAC at 48-62 Hz). The next two or three digits are the analog outputs, which are either A1 (0 to 1 mA analog outputs) or A20 (4 to 20 mA analog outputs). The next digit is the display, which is either blank (basic display), E (enhanced display with a larger LCD), or T (enhanced display with Ethernet 10Base-T). The next digit is the harsh environment protection, wherein H is the chemical environment conformal coating.

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