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3KW Servo Motor, 24VDC | Image
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3KW Servo Motor, 24VDC | Image
3KW Servo Motor, 24VDC - Wiring Diagram Image


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3KW Servo Motor, 24VDC



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  • Part Number: IC800VMM30LBKSE25
  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc PLC
  • Series: Servo & Amplifiers

Product Description

The IC800VMM30LBKSE25 is a VersaMotion motor manufactured by GE Fanuc. It has a 3000-Watt power rating, a low inertia type and a 24V DC holding brake. The holding brake makes the IC800VMM30LBKSE25 perfect for vertical axes and for applications that must hold their position in the event of a power loss. The IC800VMM30LBKSE25 motor has a straight shaft with a key and oil seal and utilizes a 2500PPR Encoder to process feedback. This 2500PPR encoder processes 10,000 quadrature counts per revolution thus creating a motor revolution resolution of 0.036 degrees.

As a VersaMotion motor, the IC800VMM30LBKSE25 is designed to work with a specific servo drive, namely, the IC800VMA302. These two components are compatible because of their power rating. It is vital that the power rating for the motor and the drive fall within the specifications, otherwise, the IC800VMM30LBKSE25 motor could overheat, thus triggering the servo alarm. Further, failing to match the power rating for the motor and drive can result in fire, damage to either the drive or motor and personal injury to the user.

It is important to note, the IC800VMM30LBKSE25 servo motor is a component of an entire VersaMotion servo system comprised of an amplifier, a motor, an operating lever, a power cable, an encoder cable, I’O connectors and a CN3 serial communication cable.

All VersaMotion servo drives, including the IC800VMM30LBKSE25, support various operation modes. These single modes include external position control, internal position control, speed control, internal speed control, torque control, and internal torque control. The IC800VMM30LBKSE25 also has dual modes which include: position or pulse train-speed, position or pulse train-torque, position or internal register-speed, position or internal register-torque, and speed-torque.

When installing the IC800VMM30LBKSE25 VersaMotion servo motor, do not bend the cable connecting the motor and the drive. Additionally, if the motor is being coupled directly to a rotating device in the system, be sure that the specifications align properly. Ensure all wiring is completed properly, and finally ensure the motor mounting bolts are sufficiently tightened.

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