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Alpha Amplifier Built-In Battery Encoder | Image
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Alpha Amplifier Built-In Battery Encoder | Image
Alpha Amplifier Built-In Battery Encoder - Wiring Diagram Image


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Alpha Amplifier Built-In Lithium Battery Encoder



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  • Part Number: IC800ABK003
  • SKU: IC800ABK003GFP
  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc PLC
  • Series: Servo & Amplifiers

Product Description

GE Fanuc IC800ABK003 Built-In Battery Kit for Alpha i Servo Amplifiers Modules (SVM)

The IC800ABK003 is a battery kit prepared to be used as a replacement in the GE Fanuc SVM1-180HVi Servo Amplifiers Modules (SVM). The Alpha i series module is a component of the GE Fanuc Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system.

The kit includes a Battery Cover and a replacement lithium-Ion battery package, part numbers (P/N) A06B-6114-K506 and P/N A06B-6114-K504 in the same order. The battery pack is formed by four individual 1.5 Volts 1200 mAh BR-2/3A Li-Po batteries.  The combined total capacity of the pack is 6 Volts and 2900 mAh of total charge.

The built-in battery package is located in front of the Servo Amplifier Module (SVM), behind the plastic battery cover supplied in the kit, connected to the CXA2A terminal.

The function of the battery package is as built-in memory backup energy supply by the single-axis High Voltage Alpha SVM1-180HVi Servo Amplifier modules. In case of energy interruption, it is necessary to maintain a power source to the SVM module, thus avoiding the loss of data from the absolute pulse encoder. The battery can supply power to more than one SVM module CNC system.

If an absolute Pulsecoder alarm is present, the battery has to be replaced and it will be necessary to do a cero point return of the machine.

Replacing the battery includes removing the battery cover, detaching the battery connector from the CXA2A terminal and installing the replacement battery in the SVM. If the battery in the SVM is at the side of the connector, the cable may be stretched tight. The battery must be installed so that the cable is not extended tight. Install again the battery cover and attach the battery connector to the CXA2A terminal of the SVM. A poor contact may result if an excessive strain is applied to a connector when it is inserted or removed. Avoid misalignment of more than 5° in horizontal and vertical directions from the SVM terminal.

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