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The IC300OCS250 is a GE FANUC Operator Control Station


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The IC300OCS250 is a GE FANUC Operator Control Station



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Product Description

The IC300OCS250 is a GE FANUC component that functions as an Operator Control Station. This component was manufactured through Horner APG.  This PLC (programmable logic controller) has a 16 by 40 character screen with graphics properties of 240 x 128 pixels. The faceplate is designed with ten LEDs, eighteen function keys, four system keys, and a numeric keypad.  The IC300OCS250 is designed with SmartStack I/O ethernet capabilities. This gives the end user the ability to mix digital, analog, and specialty I/O. Modules are mounted on the rear of the controller module. The interface supports relay ladder logic (RLL,) PID tuning, serial read/write, motion commands, and floating point math.  

The  IC300OCS250 has a logic scan time of 0.7msec/K of logic.  This unit comes with 128K of standard memory on board and graphics memory of 2 MB.    The component operates with a real-time clock. It has an operating voltage of 10 to 30 VDC.

The  IC300OCS250 includes one RS-232 serial port, one RS-232/485 serial port, a Modbus RTU Master/Slave port, and a CsCan/DeviceNet Slave.  It is important to note that while DeviceNet and CsCAN both use Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, they CANNOT co-exist on the same physical CAN network; please keep this in mind as you are setting up the device.   These aforementioned ports, along with network connections and a 24VDC +/- port, are color-coded and labeled for easy identification on the back side of the device.

The  IC300OCS250 is UL listed and CE Marked.  A static-reducing sleeve will protect the device during shipping.  Please review retained manuals or datasheets for safety data and installation procedures before unboxing your new part.

IC300OCS250 Technical Specifications

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