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20 Channel Relay Output PLC


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20 Channel Relay Output PLC



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Frequently Asked Questions about IC300DQM902

What is the function of the IC300DQM902?
The IC300DQM902 is a relay output module in the Smart Series that has 20 output points.
How much does the IC300DQM902 weigh?
The IC300DQM902 weighs 3.0lbs.
Does AX Control sell the IC300DQM902 reconditioned?
AX Control has both new facotory package and reconissioned stock of the IC300DQM902 available to for purchase.

Product Description

The IC300DQM902 unit was created by GE Fanuc for the SmartStack series to be a relay output module. Most of the time, you will be able to see the IC300DQM902 relay output module inside of our stock. You can see if this product, or any of the other ones that we have listed, in stock at any time by taking a look on our website.

The IC300DQM902 relay output module possesses a total of twenty relay outputs, which have five commons and a total of twenty-four output points consumed. Both the common to bus and common to common isolation is rated at 500 VDC and a coil operating voltage is rated as 20 through 28 VDC. Whenever the device is at steady state, the IC300DQM902 relay output module has a required power of 0.024 W, 1 mA at 24 VDC. Also, whenever the device is at inrush, the module’s required power is negligible. 

The maximum resistive load current per channel is 2.5 A, the maximum inrush current is 3A, and its maximum load voltage is 250 VAC, with a maximum of 30 VDC. The OFF to ON and ON to OFF response are both set to a maximum of 10 ms. The relative humidity of this device is non-condensing between 5% and 95%, while the operating temperature of this device is 0 through 60 degrees Celsius. Like many other SmartStack modules, the IC300DQM902 relay output module uses spring clamp, removable type terminals.

As for internal wiring, the transient voltage suppressors used on the output circuitry is 400 VDC, with an additional bi-directional rating of 400 W.


IC300DQM902 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GE Fanuc
Series Smart Stack
Type Relay Output Module

AX Control Warranty Info

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