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5-Meter Fiber Cable



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  • Part Number: IC300CBF005
  • SKU: IC300CBF005GFP
  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc PLC
  • Series: IC300 OCS

IC300CBF005 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GE Fanuc
Series Smart Stack
Type Fiber Cable

Product Description

The IC300CBF005 module is a fiber cable that GE Fanuc produced to be compatible for use with numerous modules within the SmartStack series. This particular product, along with many of the other products in the SmartStack series, is no longer being produced by GE Fanuc. However, you will still normally be able to purchase the IC300CBF005 fiber cable through AX Control due to its frequent availability in our stock. You can verify if the IC300CBF005 fiber cable is currently in our stock at any time by looking on our website or by calling us during our weekday hours.

The IC300CBF005 fiber cable is five meters long. The cable itself is thin and is black in color. Both of the connective ends of the IC300CBF005 fiber cable are the same, indicating that this cable is meant to be connected with similar devices in the SmartStack series on both ends.

The IC300CBF005 fiber cable, like many other cables, should be installed in an appropriate area. It should be kept in a place with zero or very little foot traffic, since stepping on the IC300CBF005 fiber cable can cause it to disconnect from the connected devices, malfunction, and/or be irreparably damaged. The ports in which you connect the IC300CBF005 fiber cable should be kept clean. As with any cable and its compatible ports, frequent dusting is a must and any spills that occur should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

The IC300CBF005 fiber cable weighs a total of approximately 0.21 lbs. or 0.095 kg. This given approximate total does not factor in any of the materials that we will use for shipping purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions about IC300CBF005

What is the purpose of the IC300CBF005?
The IC300CBF005 is a five meter long fiber cable that is used with the Smart Series by GE Fanuc.
Does AX Control sell the IC300CBF005 in new factory packaging?
AX Control sells the IC300CBF005 in new factory packaging as well as reconditioned. AX Control always has the IC300CBF005 available new, and typically has it in reconditioned form. 

Will AX Control purchase my IC300CBF005?

AX Control may purchase your decommissioned surplus and stock surplus, including this part. AX Control technicians will review the condition of your IC300CBF005 and our current stock levels and then proceed with an offer.

Repair Services For IC300CBF005

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $279

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your IC300CBF005. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

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