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4 Transistor Output, 4 24VDC Input Power Source Expansion


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4 Transistor Output, 4 24VDC Input Power Source Expansion



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Product Description

The IC210EDD008 module was designed and manufactured by GE Fanuc Automation as part of the Durus Controllers series. The IC210EDD008 module is one of four discrete expansion units available to be installed onto the Durus Controllers. Specifically, the IC210EDD008 module is an eight point discrete expansion unit.

Durus Controllers are able to support up to three discrete units and one analog expansion unit. Every discrete expansion unit has four inputs and four outputs.

The IC210EDD008 unit has four input ports and four output ports, like all of the other expansion units. The input power voltage is rated at 24 VDC and the input device voltage is rated at 24 VDC as well. The power supply power consumption is rated at 90 milliamps.

The IC210EDD008 unit has a rectangular shape to it. The top of the expansion unit houses the four input ports, which are labeled as X1, X2, X3, and X4. The next row down has both a positive terminal and a negative terminal that are rated at DC 24V. The bottom of the device houses the four output ports, which are labeled as Y1, Y2, Y3, and Y4. The very middle of the expansion unit has an LED indicator light which is labeled as “LINK,” which illuminates with a red color.

The IC210EDD008 expansion unit possesses no compatibility issues with old or new Durus Plus materials, meaning that the IC210EDD008 expansion unit may be used with any Durus product without any issue.

The IC210EDD008 unit has the dimensions 38 mm x 90 mm x 58 mm.

  • IC210EDD008-AA
  • IC210EDD008-BA
  • IC210EDD008-BB
  • IC210EDD008-CB
  • IC210EDD008-CD
  • IC210EDD008-DC
  • IC210EDD008-FG
  • IC210EDD008A
  • IC210EDD008B

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