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Expandable 12 Point 24VAC Power Source With LCD Keypad


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Expandable 12 Point 24VAC Power Source With LCD Keypad



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Product Description

GE Fanuc Automation manufactures IC210DAR012, which is part of the Durus-12 series of controllers. This controller has a 12 point 24VAC Power Source and is expandable. It includes an LCD screen and a keypad. The specifications are (8) 24VAC in/(4) out (Relay 8 Amp).

Each application can support up to 15 unique screen displays, where operators can monitor timers, counters, and other system functions. The program can be password protected. Durus controllers can be operated in either Ladder Logic format or Block Diagram format.

Easily transfer programs between modules using the optional Memory Pack. Connect the controller to a computer via the RS-232 port. Durus controllers provide the communications features MODBUS RTU, Profibus-DP, and DeviceNet. A DeviceNet Communications Expansion Module can only be installed in the controller as the single communications module present.

Follow the manual instructions for installation and mounting of the controller. Do not install IC210DAR012 in direct sunlight or in areas of excessive dust, salt, and iron powder. Do not install the controller in a volatile area or an area with poor ventilation. The controller cannot withstand environments subject to frequent vibration and impact.

There are three explosion hazards associated with Durus controllers. These include substitution of components, disconnecting the equipment before the power has been turned off, and leaving the power on while replacing or wiring modules in hazardous conditions. Check the manual for further instructions. For external protection, be sure to install an emergency-stop circuit, a protection circuit, and an operation circuit (for high-voltage components).

  • IC210DAR012-AA
  • IC210DAR012-BA
  • IC210DAR012-BB
  • IC210DAR012-CB
  • IC210DAR012-CD
  • IC210DAR012-DC
  • IC210DAR012-FG
  • IC210DAR012A
  • IC210DAR012B

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