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AF-300 P11 460VAC 3 Phase 50HP Enclosure Open


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AF-300 P11 460VAC 3 Phase 50HP Enclosure Open



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Product Description

The General Electric Fuji Electric 6KP1143050X9B1 adjustable frequency drive is a member of the AF-300 P11 drive family. The 6KP1143050X9B1 is the 2nd product revision of this model. It requires 3 phase input and the required input voltage is 380-460V. The 6KP1143050X9B1 is a 50 HP drive and a keypad is a factory installed option. The drive is warapped in an IP00 ingress protection enclosure. The line frequency is 50/60Hz.

The weight of the 6KP1143050X9B1 is 64 lbs and the dimensions are 21.7 in. H, 13.4 in. W, and 10.0 in. D.

The keypad panel has functions for selecting operations such as confirming status, frequency setting, run/stop command, confirming and changing function data, and copying function code settings. The keypad panel can also be removed or inserted during inverter operation.

If a momentary voltage dip condition occurs (input voltage dips below 310V), the drive can operate for 15 millisec with 85% of full load applied.

The drive has functions to enhance performance in variable torque applications. Auto-tuning without having to rotate the motor, built in PID control, rotating motor pick up control (catch spinning motor), automatic energy-saving operation which minimizes drive and motor loss at light load. The new generation electronics means reduced electrical noise and less voltage spiking.

The drive detects and records fault conditions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent during acceleration, deceleration and constant speed operation; overheating, motor overload (electronic OL relay); external fault; communication error; EEPROM, microprocessor, and option card malfunction; drive error at start-up, motor connection fault. The 4 previous faults are retained in memory.

Slip compensation, torque limit control, switch from line to inverter, restart after instantaneous power failure, multi-speed and acceleration/deceleration settings, 3-jump frequencies, bias frequency, pattern operation, and energy saving selection are some of the features included in the drive.

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