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3HP 460V AC Drive with Keypad



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  • Part Number: 6KG1143003X4B1
  • SKU: 6KG1143003X4B1GD
  • Manufacturer: GE Drives
  • Series: Fuji Electric

About the 6KG1143003X4B1

The 6KG1143003X4B1 is a 3HP 460VAC Phase-3 Drive from the GE Fuji AF-300 G11 series. This drive is no longer receiving support from GE because it is a legacy series. It may be a little hard to locate, but AX Control makes every effort to keep it in stock.

The 6KG1143003X4B1 has a rated output current of 5.5 amps and an 8.3-amp overload that can reach 150% for 1 minute. It is 10.24” tall, 5.91” wide, and 5.71” deep and weighs 8.4 lbs. The efficiency of the drive when it is at 2 kHz is 97% and loses 80 watts of power. When it is functioning at 15 kHz, it has an efficiency of 94.5% and loses 150 watts of power. It should be stored in an atmosphere that has a relative humidity between 5 to 95% and should be at a temperature ranging from -10° to +50° Celsius.

The 6KG1143003X4B1 is a rectangular drive. It has a keypad panel that is used as the main user interface for this drive. It has a 7-segment 4-digit LED display and an LCD display. It has 9 keys on the keypad that are labeled stop, FWD, REV, the up arrow, the down arrow, shift>>, reset, and PRG. The 6KG1143003X4B1 is protected by a NEMA 4 type enclosure that should be kept in an inside location. It should be kept away from all corrosive and combustible materials. This drive should never be operated from the floor. It should be mounted vertically to a metallic surface. Do not mount this device horizontally or directly next to another device.

Frequently Asked Questions about 6KG1143003X4B1

What kind of drive is the 6KG1143003X4B1?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 is a drive made by Fuji Electric. It can be found in Fuji Electric's AF-300 G11 series. The 6KG1143003X4B1 is a 460 VAC, NEMA 4 50/60Hz 3 phase drive. 

How much does the 6KG1143003X4B1 weigh?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 weights 8.4 ponds. 

Does the 6KG1143003X4B1 have any screens?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 has two screens. One shows numbers in the same fashion an alarm clock would. The other is a digital LED screen that shows information regarding the drive. 

Does the 6KG1143003X4B1 have controls?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 has a total of nine buttons that control this drive. There are buttons that start and stop the drive, that help you program the drive and toggle between screens, or rest a command that was given. 

What are the statistics for the 6KG1143003X4B1?

The 6KG1143003X4B1's statistics are as follows: Rated Output Current 5.5 Rated Output Power (KVA) 4.3.  

What are the 6KG1143003X4B1's efficiancy ratrings?

The efficiency of this drive at 2KHz is 97%. The efficiency of this drive at 15KHZ is 94.5%. 

Is there any energy lost by the 6KG1143003X4B1?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 loses 80 watts of power while running at 2KHz. The 6KG1143003X4B1 loses 150 watts of power running at 15KHz. 

Can this drive be used outside?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 can only be used indoors. 

Does the 6KG1143003X4B1 have a specific tempurature range it needs to stay within? 

The ambient temperature range that the 6KG1143003X4B1 must stay between is -10°C to +50°C, or +14°F to +122°F.  

Can the 6KG1143003X4B1 function in humid environments?

The 6KG1143003X4B1 can function with a relative humidity that is between 5 to 95%, as long as no condensation occurs.   

Repair Services For 6KG1143003X4B1

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $794

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 6KG1143003X4B1. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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