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460 Vac, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz Input - (1/2 to 30 HP)


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460 Vac, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz Input - (1/2 to 30 HP)



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Frequently Asked Questions about 6KLP43005X9A1

How big is 6KLP43005X9A1?
6KLP43005X9A1 weights around 10lbs. and is relatively small in size, being about 10x4x8", height, width, and depth respectively.
I need a repair on my 6KLP43005X9A1, what steps should I take?
To ensure safe repair on this product, first disconnect the drive from the external and main power supply, then wait at least four minutes 

Product Description

6KLP43005X9A1 is an AF-60LP Micro Drive that is manufactured by GE. This particular 3-phase drive has an input voltage of 460 volts. The horsepower rating is 5 HP. The programming keypad includes a numeric display, which showcases the setup number, the parameter number, the motor direction, the status, the selected menu (Quick Menu or Main Menu), and the unit. The keypad also includes the menu key, the operation keys and LEDs (hand, off reset, auto), the navigation keys/potentiometer, and the indicator lights (on, warn, alarm).

The mains must be connected to the motor first by mounting the earth wires to the earth terminal, next by connecting the motor to terminals U, V, and W, and last by mounting the mains supply to terminals L1/L, L2, and L3/N (3-phase) or L1/L and L3/N (1-phase) and tightening. All control cable terminals are located underneath the terminal cover in front of the frequency converter. Use a screwdriver to remove the terminal cover. At the load sharing, the connect terminals UDC- and UCD/BR+. At the brake, connect the terminals BR- and UDC/BR+ (not applicable for unit size M1).

In order to enter the Quick Menu, press the MENU key until the indicator arrow on the screen is placed above “Quick Menu.” The Quick Menu parameters are 1-20 (motor power), 1-22 (motor voltage), 1-23 (motor frequency), 1-24 (motor current), 1-25 (motor nominal speed), 1-29 (auto tune), 3-02 (minimum reference), 3-03 (maximum reference), 3-41 (acceleration time 1), and 3-42 (deceleration time).

6KLP43005X9A1 Technical Specifications

Amps 9
Efficiency1 98.0
HP 5
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
kW 3.7
Phase Three
Watt Loss2 133.5

AX Control Warranty Info

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