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2hp AF-60LP Micro Drive with RFI Filter


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2hp AF-60LP Micro Drive with RFI Filter



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Frequently Asked Questions about 6KLP43002X9A1

Can you set a password on a GE 6KLP43002X9A1?
Yes. You can set a password on the 6KLP43002X9A1's keypad. To enable password use on 6KLP43002X9A1, adjust parameter 0-60, the Menu Password parameter. Using a password on 6KLP43002X9A1 will help prevent accidentally changing sensitive parameters on the 6KLP43002X9A1.
What manual should I use for programming my 6KLP43002X9A1?
GE's AF-60 LP Micro Drive Programming Guide is the best manual to use for any programming you're doing on your 6KLP43002X9A1. However, there are other manuals to help with other dealings with 6KLP43002X9A1. GE makes several AF-60 manuals, with each manual dedicated to a different aspect of AF-60 drives.
How should parameters be changed on a 6KLP43002X9A1?
Parameters on a GE 6KLP43002X9A1 should be changed in numerical order. Certain parameter values on 6KLP43002X9A1 are affected by the changes.
What revision is 6KLP43002X9A1?
6KLP43002X9A1 is a 1st revision drive according to the "A1) at the end of the 6KLP43002X9A1 model number.

Product Description

The AF-60LP Micro Drive is part of the General Electric’s AF-60 Drive family. The IP20 structure of this drive is open, but a NEMA 1 kit is available for sale and is attachable to the drive. Since this is a micro drive, the power of this device concentrates into a smaller space. The dimensions of this device are 7.09 x 2.95 x 6.85 and it weighs 3.53 pounds. The AF-60LP Micro Drive also has a mounting kit that also is for sale. Purchasing this attachment could help organize the work space that this drive resides. This drive comes with many features to improve the experience of the drive. The keypad interface comes with a tuner that could be used to adjust settings. The drive also comes with an auto tuner that tunes values with limited user interaction. The device comes with two controllers, a process PI controller and a logic controller. The micro drive also comes with other built-in features. Some of the features are; a RFI filter, a brake chopper, and a single-turn potentiometer.

The AF-60LP Micro Drive runs at 2 horsepower, and has an output power of 1.5 kilowatts. The output rating of the device is 3.7 amps. The general efficiency rating of the micro drive 97.2% with a wattage loss of 56.5.

The AF-60LP Micro Drive uses three separate input phases to work together and complete the operations of the drive. The input voltage of the device is 460V, 50/60 Hz.

6KLP43002X9A1 Technical Specifications

Enclosure IP20
Hz 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 460 VAC
Manufacturer General Electric
Part Number 6KLP43002X9A1
Phase 3 Phase
Series AF-60

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