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The DS200TCQEG2A LM6000 I/O Processor Board was manufactured by General Electric for their Mark V Series.



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  • Part Number: DS200TCQEG2A
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark V DS200

DS200TCQEG2A Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GE General Electric
Series Mark V
Part Number DS200TCQEG2A
Functional Description LM6000 I/O Processor Board
Functional Acronym TCQE
PCB Coating Normal Coating
Functional Revision 1 A

Product Description

This DS200TCQEG2A printed circuit board was originally manufactured, as expressed above, by General Electric, for placement in their Mark V Turbine Control System Series. The Mark V Series that this DS200TCQEG2A PCB belongs to, as you may have been able to guess based on its full extended series name, has specific applications in the control and management systems of compatible wind, steam, and gas turbine automated drive assemblies, although it has to be considered a legacy product series due to its obsolescence-necessitated manufacturing discontinuation that took place in the many years since its original conception. While this DS200TCQEG2A printed circuit board is definable as an LM6000 I/O Processor Board in its own right, it is not the original product of this Mark V Series functionality; that would be the DS200TCQEG2 parent LM6000 I/O Processor Board missing this DS200TCQEG2A product offering's A-rated functional product revision. This DS200TCQEG2A printed circuit board's greater Mark V Series, while a legacy product series, is still well-updated given its status as one of the final General Electric product series to make use of the patented Speedtronic control system technology. This DS200TCQEG2A PCB's description as an LM6000 I/O Processor Board seems to assert this DS200TCQEG2A PCB's additional status within the Mark V's LM6000 subseries.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

The LM6000 I/O Processor Board DS200TCQEG2A is populated with 8 jumpers and 4 34-pin connectors. It also features one programmable logic device and multiple erasable programmable read-only memory modules (EPROMs). The IDs assigned to the 34-pin connectors are JQQ, 3PL, and JLL. The LM6000 I/O Processor Board DS200TCQEG2A also is populated with one LED that is mounted horizontally on the board. In terms of voltage limitation and suppression. this DS200TCQEG2A printed circuit board's voltage protections are handled by its internal assembly's adoption of a specific series of voltage-limiting hardware components standardized to the Mark V Series; including various rectifiers, capacitors, and integrated circuits. Luckily for the sake of this DS200TCQEG2A personalized product page, the DS200TCQEG2A PCB's internet-available instructional manual materials list all of its available connectors with contextual information about their functionality. Some of this DS200TCQEG2A PCB's connectors include:

  • The 2PL TCPS Power Distribution Connector
  • The 3PL Various Boards Data Bus Connector
  • The JJ TCQC Board Shaft Speed Signals Connector
  • The JJQ PTBA Board Shaft Speed Signals Connector
  • The JLL TBQE Board Input Signals Connector
  • The JO TCRA Board Shear Signals Connector
  • The JQQ TBQE Board Input Signals Connector

All of the above connectors in the assembly of this DS200TCQEG2A product have been named through a combination of their specific factory-printed nomenclature labels, their Mark V Series compatible products and interfacing potentials, and finally their specific intended application in terms of the DS200TCQEG2A PCB and its greater Mark V Series automated drive assembly. The EPROMS store code that the microprocessor uses as instructions and processing information. If the site wants the replacement board to behave exactly like the old board, it is best practice to use the same firmware code on the new board as was used previously on the old board. The replacement board comes with the EPROM sockets depopulated and ready for the installation of EPROM modules that you supply. Use a flat head screwdriver to gently pry the EPROM modules from the old board. Place the screwdriver between the socket and one end of the EPROM module and rock the screwdriver back and forth until it is free. Then, insert the screwdriver between the EPROM module and the socket on the other end and repeat the action. Wear a wrist strap to perform this action and place the module directly into a static protective bag. The code and firmware on the modules can be corrupted by static build up so it important to take steps to provide a grounded surface for the static to seek instead of damaging the modules. Keep the modules in a safe place until you are ready to install them.

Frequently Asked Questions about DS200TCQEG2A

What is DS200TCQEG2A's 4-20 mA output circuit?
DS200TCQEG2A scales and conditions I/O signals. One of these signals DS200TCQEG2A scales and conditions is 4-20 mA output signals. DS200TCQEG2A provides the circuitry for driving two selectable 4-20 mA/20-200 mA outputs to the TBQE terminal board. DS200TCQEG2A does so through the JLL connector on DS200TCQEG2A. Diagnostics for these signals are done on the DS200TCQEG2A and are typically used for control devices. Hardware jumpers connected to DS200TCQEG2A are used to select the maximum current output.
What does DS200TCQEG2A's JQQ connector do?
DS200TCQEG2A's JQQ connector reads the LM vibration inputs, proximeter vibration inputs and pulse rate speed sensor inputs. JQQ on DS200TCQEG2A does so through the TBQE terminal board.
Is DS200TCQEG2A always used?
Yes, DS200TCQEG2A is used for all LM applications. DS200TCQEG2A scales and conditions analog I/O signals and DS200TCQEG2A is located in the < R1 > core. DS200TCQEG2A is essential to communicate data to the STCA board. DS200TCQEG2A does so with the 3PL connector on DS200TCQEG2A.
Where can I find information about the connectors on DS200TCQEG2A?
Section 5-4.13.1 in the Mark V LM Turbine Control Manual (Manual GEH-6353) provides information about DS200TCQEG2A's connectors. There is also circuitry information about DS200TCQEG2A in section 5.-4.13 of the manual which will be helpful in understanding DS200TCQEG2A's connectors.

Reviews For DS200TCQEG2A

Internal Review

This DS200TCQEG2A printed circuit board product offering or PCB for short likely belongs to the LM6000 subsystem series within its previously-defined Mark V Turbine Control System Series product series from General Electric. Software configuration for this normal-assembly GE product is done exclusively within the I/O Configuration Editor, as described in the DS200TCQEG2A instructional manual attached above in the manuals tab for your convenience. This DS200TCQEG2A PCB is edited by a standard A-rated functional revision. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For DS200TCQEG2A

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Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1245

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your DS200TCQEG2A. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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