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The DS200RTBAG3AGC model is a Relay Terminal Board produced by General Electric as part of the Mark V DS200 Series.



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  • Part Number: DS200RTBAG3AGC
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark V DS200

DS200RTBAG3AGC Technical Specifications

Part Number DS200RTBAG3AGC
Series Mark V
Manufacturer GE General Electric
Instruction Manual GEI-100167
Product Type Relay Terminal Board
Functional Acronym/Abbreviation RTBA
Voltage Rating 115 VDC

Product Description

The GE Power Excitation Board DS200RTBAG3AGC is an optional board that is installed in the drive cabinet and it features ten relays that are driven either directly from the pilot relays or remotely by the user. This DS200RTBAG3AGC PCB is more specifically definable by its Mark V Series role as a Relay Terminal Board or Relay Terminal Board assembly, a fact that is supported by the insertion of the RTBA functional acronym in the DS200RTBAG3AGC functional product number itself. The Mark V Series that this DS200RTBAG3AGC RTBA Board belongs to is a relatively recent edition of a General Electric Speedtronic technology-powered product series. This DS200RTBAG3AGC printed circuit board is actually not considred the original Relay Terminal Board that was manufactured for the Mark V Turbine Control System Series; that would be the DS200RTBAG3 parent printed circuit board missing this DS200RTBAG3AGC product's three significant revisions.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

As with any Mark V Series printed circuit board, this DS200RTBAG3AGC Relay Terminal Board has many specific hardware inclusions and specifications that must be considered before making a final purchase decision. The DS200RTBAG3AGC board;s internal assembly contains jumpers, RPL connectors, OPTPL connectors, stab connectors, C1PL and Y9PL connectors, and various terminal points that you can use to configure the board. As mentioned before, the DS200RTBAG3AGC board contains 15 jumpers that enable you to control some aspects of the behavior of the board. For example, you can configure the board to use an external or internal power source for the relay coils with the use of these jumpers. You can also configure the board to use power from the CPH to power the pluggable Y31PL circuit. The factory settings for this customizable hardware are provided on a data sheet so you can easily return the board to the original factory configuration. 

Moving beyond this DS200RTBAG3AGC Relay Terminal Board's series of customizable jumpers, a secondary important crucial hardware component in this PCB's assembly can be asserted as its set of relays. These relays are included in the assembly of this General Electric PCB product with the purpose of voltage regulation. The DS200RTBAG3AGC PCB featured here has seven total High current-style relays; each of which is accompanied by a state indicator LED lamp. Each individual relay will be additionally accompanied by a manually moveable hardware jumper for customization purposes, and they should all be at least somewhat well-protected by the normal style of PCB coating allowed to this DS200RTBAG3AGC board specifically.

Frequently Asked Questions about DS200RTBAG3AGC

Which connections on DS200RTBAG3AGC provide I/O with the LTBA board?
On DS200RTBAG3AGC, there is a 16-pin connector (RPL) and a 2-pin connector (OPTPL) that provides the DS200RTBAG3AGC board I/O with the LTBA board. View tables 3 and 4 in the manual for DS200RTBAG3AGC, Manual GEI-100167, for descriptions of the RPL and OPTPL connector pin signals on DS200RTBAG3AGC.
What are the coil voltages for DS200RTBAG3AGC's relays?
DS200RTBAG3AGC has 10 relays and each relay on DS200RTBAG3AGC has a 115 VAC coil voltage.
Where can I find information on DS200RTBAG3AGC's application data?
There is a section in the manual for DS200RTBAG3AGC on Application Data. The manual for DS200RTBAG3AGC is Manual GEI-100167, which is the GE Motors and Industrial Systems RTBA Relay Terminal Board Manual. Within the application data section of DS200RTBAG3AGC's manual, is configurable hardware for DS200RTBAG3AGC as well as jumper and I/O tables.
How are the relays designated on DS200RTBAG3AGC?
DS200RTBAG3AGC has 10 relays, which are designated K20-K29 on DS200RTBAG3AGC. Relays K20-K26 on DS200RTBAG3AGC are the DPDT type relays and K27-K29 on DS200RTBAG3AGC are the 4PDT type relays.

Reviews For DS200RTBAG3AGC

Internal Review

This board functions as a relay terminal board for Mark V Speedtronic systems, as mentioned in the extensive customized product page above. Be sure to understand the potential electric shock and burn hazards associated with this board before beginning any installation. Proper installation procedures can be found in associated GE manuals and user guides, although it is important to recognize that this DS200RTBAG3AGC PCB is an edited Mark V Series product, possessing two functional revisions and an artwork revision. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For DS200RTBAG3AGC

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $325

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your DS200RTBAG3AGC. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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