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This DS200KLDAG1A Key LED Display Card was manufactured for General Electric's Mark V Turbine Control System Series.



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  • Part Number: DS200KLDAG1A
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark V DS200

DS200KLDAG1A Technical Specifications

Part Number DS200KLDAG1A
Series Mark V
Manufacturer GE General Electric
Functional Acronym/Abbreviation KLDA
Product Type Key/LED/Display Card
LED Quantity 7
Revision Quantity 1 Revision

Product Description

The DS200KLDAG1A model is marketed as a Key LED Display Card in the Mark V DS200 series produced by General Electric. This DS200KLDAG1A printed circuit board product offering's greater Mark V Series has specific applications in the management and control systems of popular steam, wind, and gas turbine automated drive assemblies, and is considered a legacy series due to its eventual manufacturing discontinuation by the original retailer. This DS200KLDAG1A PCB's greater Mark V Series, while a General Electric legacy series, is one of their final product series to feature the patented Speedtronic control system technology. While this DS200KLDAG1A product offering is definable as a Key LED Display Card in its own right, the originally-produced device of that functionality within the Mark V is the DS200KLDAG1 parent PCB missing this DS200KLDAG1A device's A-rated functional product revision.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

Marked with the GE logo and codes like C-ESS and 6BA03, this rectangular board is marked for alignment and drilled for mounting. It has seven auxiliary boards attached to its surface via brass pins; each auxiliary board contains an LED display with a ten-digit display built with SISD (sixteen-segment display,) a resistor network array, and stab-on connectors. Each of these boards is marked as DS200KLDAG1A and is also marked with the codes 6BA03 and C-ESS.   These boards are designed to interlock side-to-side. Other board components include thirty-two red LED indicators that are placed on the board in four lines of eight. There are four connectors, including one vertical pin connector and three right-angled connectors. Capacitors are made from electrolytic and ceramic materials.  Diodes, resistors, jumper switches, and transistors are on the board. There are several resistor network arrays and integrated circuits including an oscillating chip, EEPROMs, and three FPGAs. Technical support products originally distributed by General Electric will provide more information, including installation and handling. 

One of the biggest downsides of owning the DS200KLDAG1A model is the lack of documentation. As this model is now discontinued and is generally one of the more difficult units to find it is difficult to know the true functionality and installation procedures of the board. Not only is specific documentation for the DS200KLDAG1A model difficult to find, the Mark V DS200 manual, which would give some information on the installation procedure or how it operates with other Mark V models is difficult to find as well. While this DS200KLDAG1A printed circuit board is not well-documented in original Mark V Series instructional manual materials, it benefits from its original General Electric manufacture as it possesses a functional product number detailing many specific hardware component inclusions and specifications. The DS200KLDAG1A functional product number begins with the DS200 series tag detailing this DS200KLDAG1A PCB's normal Mark V Series assembly version as well as its domestic location of original manufacture. Some of the other DS200KLDAG1A hardware details embedded in the DS200KLDAG1A functional product number include this DS200KLDAG1A PCB's KLDA functional product abbreviation, normal style of PCB coating, group one Mark V Series product grouping, and finally its singular, A-rated functional product revision.

Frequently Asked Questions about DS200KLDAG1A

What will the smaller LED displays on the DS200KLDAG1A model display?

The LED displays, of which there are seven, can display ten digits. The ten digits will typically display potential fault codes. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fully understand what all of the LEDs can display or what they will be used to display because documentation is hard to find on this now outdated and mostly obsolete part. For information, General Electric would have to be contacted directly.

Are there any connectors on the DS200KLDAG1A model that will potentially connect it to the Mark V DS200 models?

There is one available connector on the DS200KLDAG1A model. It is located along one edge of the board. It is unknown what type of connector or potential connection can be used. The connector will likely be used to connect the DS200KLDAG1A model to the associated Mark V DS200 cabinet. 

Reviews For DS200KLDAG1A

Internal Review

The DS200KLDAG1A Display Board features seven optional daughter LED display boards that mount to the face of the PCB. This card is extremely reliable and is rarely the failure found when troubleshooting the application for errors and fault codes. Overall the DS200KLDAG1A is reliable, easy to install, and does not become faulty often. While the model has limited faults, the documentation for this unit is nearly non-existent, which does add some difficulties. This DS200KLDAG1A PCB is available here today, with both repair and replacement options. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For DS200KLDAG1A

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $865

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your DS200KLDAG1A. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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