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The General Electric DS200IPCDG1ABB mitigates voltage spikes and minimizes stress on the CM300DY-24H IGBT during switching operations.



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  • Part Number: DS200IPCSG1ABB
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark V DS200

DS200IPCSG1ABB Technical Specifications

Board Manufacturer GE General Electric
IGBT Module Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Series Mark V
Part Number DS200IPCSG1ABB
Product Type Board w/ CM300DY-24H
Weight Less than 5 lbs before packaging
Dimensions (with IGBT) W5.25 x L3.25 x H2.5 (inches)

Product Description

This DS200IPCSG1ABB printed circuit board was originally manufactured for General Electric's Mark V Turbine Control System Series, a legacy General Electric product series given its manufacturing discontinuation in the years following its initial release. As you can probably discern through its full extended series name, The Mark V Series in which this DS200IPCSG1ABB product offering is situated has specific applications in the management and control systems of popular wind, steam and gas turbine automated drive assemblies, and is considered a legacy series given its eventual manufacturing discontinuation in the years stemming from its initial release. This DS200IPCSG1ABB printed circuit board product offering is truly better-definable by its official functional product description as a Snubber Board, as it appears in pertinent Mark V Series and General Electric instructional manual materials. This DS200IPCSG1ABB PCB is not the original Snubber Board released for use in the Mark V Series automated drive assembly; that is the DS200IPCSG1 parent Snubber Board missing this DS200IPCSG1ABB product's three significant revisions.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

The GE IGBT P3 Snubber Board DS200IPCDG1ABB is a vital component designed to provide protection and optimize the performance of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). This board plays a crucial role in mitigating voltage spikes and minimizing stress on the IGBTs during their switching operations. This board is equipped with one ribbon cable connector at location PL, which facilitates seamless integration into the system. To ensure a precise adjustment of the IGBT, the board incorporates large screws that can be fine-tuned using a screwdriver. It is somewhat surprising that this DS200IPCSG1ABB printed circuit board is not credited as owning any sort of special Mark V Series assembly type, given its mounting strategy's incorporation of a solid metal backplane into its assembly. This backplane is permeated in four separate locations by factory-drilled insulated holes included for safe and convenient DS200IPCSG1ABB installation. Given the DS200IPCSG1ABB products' base circuit board's small stature, its assembly seems to no incorporate many Mark V Series-standardized hardware components such as integrated circuits and capacitors, although several diodes are visible in the assembly of this DS200IPCSG1ABB product for voltage-suppression purposes.

As a critical component in power electronic systems, the DS200IPCD Snubber Board undergoes stringent testing and quality control measures during its manufacturing process to meet the highest industry standards. Its reliable performance, combined with effective snubber protection, ensures the safe and efficient operation of the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of the industrial systems in which it is utilized. Please note that new DS200IPCDG1ABB boards from the manufacturer will not come with a reinstalled CM300DY-24H power semiconductor module as found in our photos. The CM300DY-24H module consists of two IGBT chips integrated into a single package. Each IGBT chip is complemented by a freewheeling diode, making the module a "half-bridge" configuration. This configuration allows for effective control of the current flow in both directions, enabling efficient switching and reducing power losses during operation. Before making any final purchase decision on this DS200IPCSG1ABB product, it is crucial to understand that its thrice-revised nature alters it from its originally-introduced performance specifications and basic dimensions. This DS200IPCSG1ABB product possesses two functional styles of product revision and a singular artwork configuration revision, rated at grades of A, B, and B respectively by the original manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions about DS200IPCSG1ABB

Why does the CM300DY-24H attach to the DS200IPCDG1ABB?

The DS200IPCDG1ABB board is a specialized snubber board designed to protect and optimize the performance of IGBTs, specifically in this case, the CM300DY-24H module. When high-power IGBT modules like the CM300DY-24H are employed in demanding applications, they can generate voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference during their switching operations. These phenomena can lead to stress on the IGBTs and may cause damage to the components or negatively impact system performance.

Are this DS200IPCSG1ABB product offering's three significant revisions considered backwards-compatible?

No. Only the first two of this DS200IPCSG1ABB product offering's three total product revisions are considered backwards-compatible, as they both exist as functional styles of product revision.

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Repair Services For DS200IPCSG1ABB

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