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Mark V DS200GDPAG1AJF High-Frequency (600W/700W) Power Supply Board (GDPA) gives systems the ability to draw input power from both AC and DC sources.



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  • Part Number: DS200GDPAG1AJF
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark V DS200

DS200GDPAG1AJF Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GE General Electric
Series Mark V
Base Model Number DS200GDPA
Product Type High Frequency Power Supply Board
Instruction Manual GEI-100287
Power Supply Rating 120 V DC
Features Input Rectifier and Filter
Output Transformer Rating Provides 50 V AC Outputs

Product Description

The High-Frequency Power Supply Board DS200GDPAG1AJF is a specialized electronic board manufactured by General Electric (GE). It is designed to provide high-frequency power supply functionality in various industrial applications. Members of this series can be used across the GE brand of drives and exciters. When installed, this board can support both AC and DC power supplies. Wattages for this card can range from 600 to 700 W. When feeding sourced inputs to the board, it can accept between 105 and 140 VDC. AC inputs sourced to the board can rate between 80 and 132 VAC.

The DS200GDPAG1AJF board is specifically engineered to deliver reliable and efficient power conversion at high frequencies. It incorporates advanced components and circuitry to ensure stable power output, making it suitable for demanding and precision-driven applications. A number of features are found on this board, expanding its use within an array of workplace applications. The card includes a 50 VAC output transformer, a 120 VDC power supply, and a control power supply. Circuits on the board include protective and control level circuitries. Inputs and other I/O fed to the device will interact with some of the onboard features. An included 27 kHz inverter, an input filter, an input rectifier, and a regulator are all included on the board. DS200GDPAG1AJF is also protected from any voltage interruptions as all inputs are isolated. Four LED and two neon indicators visually provide board status information to users.

Frequently Asked Questions about DS200GDPAG1AJF

What is the DS200GDPAG1AJF and what do certain components do?

The DS200GDPAG1AJF board incorporates control signal level circuits and protective circuits to ensure reliable operation and safeguard against potential issues. Specifically, the protective circuits on the DS200GDPAG1AJF offer various protection functions. The protective circuitry detects and responds to excessive current in the inverter, preventing damage and ensuring safe operation. The protective circuits monitor the current flowing through the regulator and activate protective measures if an over current condition is detected, safeguarding the system. The protective functions of the DS200GDPAG1AJF safeguard against excessive voltage levels at the P80 output, mitigating the risk of damage to connected equipment or components. The protective circuits monitor the control voltage level and activate protective measures if the voltage falls below the specified threshold, ensuring proper operation and preventing malfunctions. The protective circuits ensure the integrity of the CVOK running signal, which indicates the successful operation of the board, thus enhancing system reliability. The DS200GDPAG1AJF board utilizes PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control, providing precise frequency references for all operations. It also facilitates output voltage regulation and generates control signals for the regulator, enabling effective power management and optimal performance.
How does DS200GDPAG1AJF get AC input?
AC input on DS200GDPAG1AJF is routed from connector ACPL, through an EMI filter, and then to a full-wave bridge. The AC input for DS200GDPAG1AJF is then rectified and routed through the unregulated DC bus to the buck chopper for regulation, to control power supply, and to the high voltage driver. On DS200GDPAG1AJF, AC input has a range of 80-132 VAC when DS200GDPAG1AJF is between 28-66Hz.
How do I obtain the manual for DS200GDPAG1AJF?
We can send you the link to the manual for DS200GDPAG1AJF. The DS200GDPAG1AJF manual is Manual GEI-100287 - The GE Industrial Systems High Frequency Power Supply Board Manual, a manual specific to DS200GDPAG1AJF. This manual does not cover all installation, operation, and maintenance procedures for DS200GDPAG1AJF in the manual but the manual is a manual that will have great use with DS200GDPAG1AJF. Send us a request for DS200GDPAG1AJF's manual!

Reviews For DS200GDPAG1AJF

Internal Review

This board is built with a total of two stab-on connectors and twelve plug connectors. Grounds occur through three mounting screws (GND1/2/3). The board also has three fuses that will protect the board from overloads and faults. All being said, a robust design and thorough installation documentation heavily aid any users in preventing over-voltage conditions and shorting their unit. - AX Control Tech

Repair Services For DS200GDPAG1AJF

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1329

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your DS200GDPAG1AJF. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

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