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The DS200DCFBG1 Power Supply Board was manufactured by General Electric for the Mark V Series of turbine control systems.



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  • Part Number: DS200DCFBG1
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark V DS200

DS200DCFBG1 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GE General Electric
Series Mark V
Part Number DS200DCFBG1
Functional Description Power Supply Board
Instruction Manual GEI-100028
Functional Acronym DCFB
PCB Coating Normal Coating

About the DS200DCFBG1

DS200DCFBG1 is a power supply board developed for the Mark V board series by General Electric. The board supplies the control level power as well as the enclosure fan. A number of applications are available to this board, including DC2000, CB2000, FC2000, GF2000, ME2000, and AC2000 drives. EX2000 can also utilize the board, though in a different way than the drives do. The Mark V Series that this DS200DCFBG1 printed circuit board product offering was originally manufactured for is considered a legacy series, due to its eventual necessitated manufacturing discontinuation that took place in the many years following its initial release. While this is true of the DS200DCFBG1 Power Supply Board and its greater Mark V Series, it is also true that this DS200DCFBG1 PCB and its greater Mark V Series is one of the final General Electric offerings to incorporate the patented Speedtronic control system technology first released alongside the conception of the Mark I Series in the late 1960s. This DS200DCFBG1 PCB is definable as the original version of the Mark V Series Power Supply Board based off of its original instructional materials attached above, and based off of its DS200DCFBG1 functional product number's lack of any trailing revision-indicating alphanumeric digits. 

Hardware Tips and Specifications

As with any General Electric Mark V Series product, this DS200DCFBG1 PCB's general functionality is introduced alongside the adoption of a specific series of hardware components. Input power to the board sourced from the control power transformer rates between 38 and 115 VAC. Output frequencies produced by this board can range from 0 to 500 kHz. An array of circuitries allow DS200DCFBG1 to operate and interface properly with its installed drive. Circuitries found on the board include control level power supplies, motor field power circuits, driver circuits, and AC/DC monitoring circuits. The board features 12 configurable jumpers as well as seven DIP switches. These jumpers and switches provide the user with creating user programmable and selectable options. Two LED indicators and a neon light indicators are also found on the board. Users are provided with fuse statuses with these on-board indicators. Five test points found on the card provide access points for users to check voltage signals. The specific factory-printed nomenclatures and applications of each hardware component available to this DS200DCFBG1 PCB's base circuit board have been supplied in the DS200DCFBG1 functional product number above for your convenience. For example, the DS200DCFBG1 Power Supply Board's diagnostic indicator lights include:

  • The CR51 Red FU2 Fuse Status Indicator LED
  • The CR55 Red FU3 Fuse Status Indicator LED
  • The LT1 FU1 Fuse Status Indicator Neon Lamp

As alluded to earlier, each of these important diagnostic indicators in the assembly of this DS200DCFBG1 PCB have been named through a combination of their factory-printed nomenclature labels, their color if available, their pertinent hardware components, and finally their specific Mark V Series applications. Before making any final purchase decision of this DS200DCFBG1 product offering, it is crucial to understand that its originally manual-included basic dimensions and performance specifications should remain accurate given this DS200DCFBG1 PCB exists as the parent unrevised model of the DCFB Power Supply Board. Any manufacturer provided installation and storage parameters should be followed to ensure the board and its installed drive operate properly. Wiring instructions for the DS200DCFBG1 are available in both the device manual and datasheet. Technical support for this drive was originally provided by the manufacturer, General Electric. Our trusted sales team at AX Control is ready to assist with all of your automation needs. For current prices and availabilities on all parts and repairs, please contact our team by phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions about DS200DCFBG1

What drive applications is DS200DCFBG1 used in?
DS200DCFBG1 is used in several drive applications. DS200DCFBG1 is used in: DC2000, CB2000, EX2000, FC2000, GF2000, ME2000, and AC2000 IGBT drive applications.
How much voltage does DS200DCFBG1 receive from power supplies?
DS200DCFBG1 receives 38 VAC from the CPT. Regulators on DS200DCFBG1 receive +/-15 VDC from the +/-24 VDC supplies. DS200DCFBG1 also generates +5 VDC, 4 A output from the +24 VDC supply, and DS200DCFBG1 provides isolated +5 and +/-15 VDC supplies to power the armature current feedback circuits.
Are there LEDs on DS200DCFBG1?
Yes, there are two red LEDs on DS200DCFBG1 and one neon light indicator on the DS200DCFBG1 board for fuse status indication. The red LED indicators on DS200DCFBG1 are CR51 and CR55. DS200DCFBG1's neon light indicator is LT1.
Where can I find the manual for DS200DCFBG1?
We can send you the manual for DS200DCFBG1. The manual for DS200DCFBG1 is Manual GEI-100028- The GE Industrial Control Systems Power Supply Board Manual. The manual is important to have with DS200DCFBG1 and we can send you the manual via manual link or manual hard copy.

Reviews For DS200DCFBG1

Internal Review

This board functions as a power supply board. Keep in mind this board has the potential to burn or shock you if you do not handle it according to OEM directions. Make sure to read through all associated maintenance or installation procedures before beginning. This DS200DCFBG1 printed circuit board has not type of revision, not even the standard A-rated functional product revision typical in most Mark V Series products. This DS200DCFBG1 Power Supply Board is available here today for both repair and replacement. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For DS200DCFBG1

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $845

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your DS200DCFBG1. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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