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Cognex Vision System ISM1403-01 is one of the In-Sight Micro modules and is smaller than other Cognex models and is used in compact applications. This model is used to potentially help companies reduce the re-work due to in-depth inspection.



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  • Part Number: ISM1403-01
  • SKU: ISM140301CV
  • Manufacturer: Cognex Vision
  • Series: In-Sight Micro Series Vision System

ISM1403-01 Technical Specifications

Acquistion Rate 14 fps
Job/Program Memory 128 MB Non-Volatile Flash Memory
Material Die-Cast Zinc Housing
Maximum Pixels 1600 x 1200
Power Consumption Max. 6.49 Watts
Speed Rating 8x
Status LEDs 2 User-Configurable and Network
Storage Temperature -22 to 176 °F

Product Description

Vision System ISM1403-01 is one of the many In-Sight Micro modules, this specific module does not have a PatMax application tool which some of the extended tool modules do, and does not have a color bit-depth. This model does have essential, extended, and ID tools. Some of the features associated with the ID toolset are OCR/OCV (text reading and verification), imaging filters, and 1D/2D barcode reading and verification. One feature that allows for better use of this model is its high pixel resolution, this model will typically operate on a pixel level of 1600 x 1200. 

One special feature of the ISM1403-01 model is that the image sensor rows can be configured to a different number and can be set in the In-Sight Explorer software, it should be noted that if the number of rows has decreased the frames per second that are acquired by the vision system will actually increase which would make this model’s frames per second rate above fourteen full frames per second. 

This model has the capability to be used with another Cognex System. The Cognex System that can be used with one of the In-Sight Micro Vision System modules is Track and Trace. When the In-Sight Micro (ISM) and Track and Trace Systems are used together they combine to make the data verification and identification of medical and pharmaceutical device packaging almost seamless. 

More information regarding this system can be found in the Cognex In-Sight Micro Series Vision System Installation Manual, which was produced in October of 2022, and the In-Sight Vision Systems 2010 Product Guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions about ISM1403-01

What is the ISM1403-01 used for as a Cognex Vision System?
The ISM1403-01 is designed to be a compact vision system that will provide the user with the automated features of factory floor measurement, inspection, and identification. In addition the unit is able to provide robot guidance. The specification 1403 has a minimum firmware of version 4.4.3 (In-Sight minimum firmware). This is unique to the Cognex 1403 models, the 1403C, and the 1413 models.  These three Cognex specifications also feature a 1/1.8 inch CCD with 8.8mm diagonal pixels and 4.4 x 4.4 square micrometer pixels. 
What are the operating and storage conditions for a ISM1403-01.
The ISM1403-01 Cognex and similar vision systems have an operating temperature that ranges from 0 degrees C to 45 degrees C as specified in the manual. The Cognex 1403 models also have a storage temperature that ranges from negative 30 degrees to 80 degrees C.
In addition to the temperature ranges provided by the manual, additional information is given in regard to humidity. The Cognex vision systems are restricted by a 90% humidity condition that is non-condensing. This value is appropriate for both the operating and the storage conditions of the Cognex ISM1403-01 In-Sight Micro Series vision system.

Reviews For ISM1403-01

Internal Review

Due to its extended tool set the ISM1403-01 model has two new tools that are not associated with the essential toolset, these features are a caliper tool and non-linear calibration. - AX Control Tech Team

Repair Services For ISM1403-01

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Our highly skilled technicians can repair your ISM1403-01. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

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