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The ISM1050-01 model is one of the most basic models produced by Cognex for the In-Sight Micro Series. This model only has an essential toolset and features. Some of the features of the essential toolset are histogram and geometry tools.



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  • Part Number: ISM1050-01
  • SKU: ISM105001CV
  • Manufacturer: Cognex Vision
  • Series: In-Sight Micro Series Vision System

ISM1050-01 Technical Specifications

Discrete Input Quantity Zero
Maximum Resolution Standard, 640 x 480
Nominal Voltage 48 VDC
Operating Temperature Range 32 to 113ºF (0 to 45ºC)
Power Consumption 6.49 W
Speed Rating 1x Compared to the ISM1020 Model
Supported Tool(s) Essential Tools
Weight w/ Mounting Block Approx. 5.2 oz

Product Description

While many of the other models in the In-Sight Micro Series have a variety of supported tools the ISM1050-01 model only has one specific toolset, which is the essential toolset. Some of the supported features associated with the essential toolset are as follows: 

  • Histogram Tools

  • Geometry Tools

  • Standard Calibration

  • Blob Finding

  • Edge Finding

  • Line Finding 

  • Curve Finding

  • Image Filters 

  • Pattern Matching 

All of these features are the most basic of operations used with the ISM1050-01 vision system. Other features that enhance the operation of this system are the two user interfaces available which are Spreadsheet and EasyBuilder. The EasyBuilder interface is one of the easiest to use during the operation of this model as it does not require any previous knowledge regarding programming. 

There are a variety of advantages related to Cognex Vision Systems some of which are extreme ruggedness, flexibility, industry-leading performances, and unmatched ease of use. All of these features together make the ISM1050-01 an essential purchase if needing a unit that can be used in slightly rough factory settings. Please note that while this model is rugged it should never be used in applications that have excessive heat, humidity, dust, or impact; using the model in conditions such as the aforementioned can potentially cause damage to not only the vision system but could also result in serious personal injury. 

More information regarding how the ISM1050-01 model will operate as well as be installed can be found in two publications from Cognex, one of them being the In-Sight Micro Series Vision System Installation Manual which details all of the precautions that should be taken prior to operating the model so as to prevent injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions about ISM1050-01

What acquisition characteristics does the ISM1050-01 as a Cognex In-Sight Vision System?
The Acquisition features for this ISM1050-01 are a progressive scan and rapid reset acquisition method with full-frame integration. This acquisition specification is shared by all Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems regardless of the specific model. The Bit Depth for the ISM1050-01 and vision systems of the 1020 model is specified as a bit depth of 256 grey levels at 8 bits per pixel. The per second capability of the ISM1050-01 is 60 full frames. All of the Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems including the ISM1050-01 has an includes 5 mm extension for the CS-mount and a C-mount. The extension is for use with the C-mount. 
What type of inputs does the ISM1050-01 as a Cognex In-Sight Vision System have?
The ISM1050-01 Cognex In-Sight Vision System does not have any discrete inputs. With use of the optional CIO-MICRO or CIO-MICRO-CC I/O module however, the unit is able to obtain eight general purpose inputs. The vision system does have two discrete outputs however. These outputs are opto-isolated, high-speed outputs that are NPN/PNP. With use of the CIO-MICRO or CIO-MICRO-CC module, the system gains eight general-purpose outputs as well. 

Reviews For ISM1050-01

Internal Review

If looking for a model with the most basic features and tools then the ISM1050-01 model is the perfect one! It only has the essential toolset and the user interfaces are easy to use which means that you can get your vision system up and running in no time. - AX Control Tech Team

Repair Services For ISM1050-01

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks Ask Get Quote

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your ISM1050-01. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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