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Cognex In-Sight 8000 Camera part, 828-10233-1R

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Cognex In-Sight 8000 Camera part, 828-10233-1R



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Product Description


This designation belongs to one of the parts that make up the Cognex In-Sight 8000 camera. The designation “828-10233-1R” is listed on the label of manufacturing numbers.

This line of products is a series of industrial assembly line camera models, used in checking, monitoring, and differentiating between good, intact products and bad or damaged products. There are five separate models in the In-Sight 8000 line up, the 8200, the 8400, and the subsequent 8401, 8402, and 8405.

Many of the same specifications remain the same across the lineup of cameras, such as the amount of memory the units possess (1024 megabytes in total, 512 for job and function commands, and 512, converted into SDRAM for image processing). Each unit consumes 48 volts of direct current and 6.49 watts, thanks to a Class 2 Power over EtherNet device and connection. The built in number of Input and Output units stay the same, with only one EtherNet acquisition trigger, and no discrete general purpose Input units, and then four general purpose Output units, which are all compatible with the Cognex extension hardware, the CIO-1400, which increases the number of Input and Output units to 8 each.

2 Status LED lights convey the camera’s network connectivity in a very user friendly and understandable manner, and each camera lens is the standard 8 millimeter lens, held in place with a C Mount. The optical acquisition settings have a rapid reset, progressive scan, and includes full-frame integration, and includes a bit depth in images of 256 grey levels, or 8 bits per pixel.

Each camera is manufactured with a die-cast zinc case, painted yellow and black.

828-10233-1R Technical Specifications

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