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Cognex IS5603-10 High Resolution Vision System Insight 5000 Series 256 MB


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Cognex IS5603-10 High Resolution Vision System Insight 5000 Series 256 MB



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Product Description

The Cognex IS5603-10 is a high resolution vision system belonging to the Insight 5000 product series. Devices in this series are capable of operating in large scale environments to monitor for small malfunctions or errors. As a high definition camera, images are shown in a full 1600 x 1200 resolution with a capability of capturing 15 frames per second. The available 256 MB of image memory processes all captured photos. Space to store jobs and programs is also available using the the 128 MB of nonvolatile flash storage. This system includes an integrated PatMax software. PatMax offers a unique ability to identify parts using a proprietary geometric pattern matching technology with any user input.

IS5603-01 features not only high resolution images, but an improved system with a 20 times speed rating. The system is desgined to support base tools as well as expanded ID and tool sets. Expanded tool abilities of this device include features such as nonlinear calibration, pattern matching, and text verification. Built in Ethernet and 10/100/1000 BaseT protocols provide two high speed networking ports to the device. Additional I/O interfacing is available using the provided RS232C connection.

Installation and storage parameters should be closely followed to protect the device from operating outside of its limits. As a temperature sensitive piece of equipment, this device requires a climate controlled storage facility. When operating, IS5603-10 can sustain temperatures between 0℃ and 45℃ (32℉ and 113℉). Ambient temperature can affect the device even when it is not in use, so maintain storage temperatures between -30℃ (-22℉) and 80℃ (176℉). A complete installation and wiring guide is available in the device datasheet as well as the user manual. Technical support for this system was provided by the original manufacturer, Cognex.

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IS5603-10 Technical Specifications

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IS5603-10 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting