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In-Sight IS5411 Vision System


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In-Sight IS5411 Vision System



Contact: 1-919-372-8413 (Intl.), 1-800-991-7026 (US),

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Product Description

A jack connects the IS5411 to the Ethernet network on the In-Sight IS5411 Vision System and a RS-232C port is also in the device. You can connect the device to many devices that also have a serial connection.

The breakout cable provides the connection for the electrical power, the trigger output, and the high speed outputs.

The diagnostics is provided to test the major features of the device. You can test the Ethernet, LEDs, automation devices,  serial, and any drives. You can also test some external devices. If you are not sure of the source of the problem (hardware or software) you can use diagnostics to decide if the problem is not the hardware.

Be careful because diagnostics might indicate a device has failed but it might only be the connector. The solution would be  to fix the connector and the device is still functional.

Also, one problem might cause several errors.  You can fix the one problem and all the errors are resolved in diagnostics. Also, you can view the LEDs and on the device and use the information to determine the source of the problem.

Where ever you decide  to place the device, before you install the device, make sure a 24VDC power connection is nearby.

I/O modules are available as optional devices.

  • CIO-1400: This I/O module has inputs (7) and high-speed outputs (2).  The inputs and outputs are discrete types.

  • CIO-1450: This I/O module has general inputs (8) and outputs (2). The outputs and inputs are discrete types and the outputs are high-speed.

The image bit depth of the In-Sight IS5411 Vision System is 256 grey levels (8 bits/pixel) at 17 full frames per second.

A minimum firmware level exists for the IS5411. The level is In-Sight version 4.4.3.

IS5411 Technical Specifications

AX Control Warranty Info

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IS5411 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting