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In-Sight IS5410-00 Vision System


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In-Sight IS5410-00 Vision System



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Product Description

The image bit depth of the In-Sight IS5410-00 Vision System is 256 grey levels (8 bits/pixel) at 60 full frames per second. The minimum firmware requirement for the IS5410-00 is In-Sight version 4.4.3. Installation entails several steps.

  1. Lens installation: Snap or screw the lens into place.

  2. Ethernet cabling: Connect the Ethernet cable to the device to provide the network connection.

  3. Explorer Software:  The package comes with the device for configuration purposes.

  4. Logging in:  Once setup is complete, sign in to software to begin.

The IS5410-00 contains 128MB non-volatile flash memory and unlimited storage through a remote network device. The device contains memory that is used only by the processor to process images. 256MB is the amount of memory available for that purpose.

The resolution is 640x480. The sensor type is ⅓-inch CCD. The weight is 350 g (12.3 oz.). The weight does not vary with a lens on the device or without a lens. The IS5410-00 is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing. This provides protection in a standard environment without harmful or corrosive substances.

The operating temperature of the IS5410-00 is 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F). The operating  humidity is 95%, non-condensing (operating and storage). The Ingress Protection rating is IP67 (with appropriate lens cover installed).

Several ratings are available for shock and vibration uses industry standards.

  • For conditions encountered during shipping and storage, 10G from 10 through 500 Hz with 150 gram lens attached using the  IEC 68-2-6 is the vibration rating.

  • For conditions encountered during shipping and storage, 80G shock with an allowance for a 150 gram lens attached using the  IEC 68-2-27 is the shock rating.

With the lens installed, the dimensions are 80.4mm (3.28in) x 104.2mm (4.89in) x 60.4mm (2.42in). Without a lens cover in place, the dimensions are 43.5mm (1.71in) x 124.2mm (4.85in) x 61.4mm (2.42in) including the thread guard.

Before you install the IS5410-00, consider that the device power consumption is 24VDC ±10%, 500mA maximum.


IS5410-00 Technical Specifications

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