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Cognex IS5400-S11 Camera Vision System Insight 5000 Stainless Steel


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Cognex IS5400-S11 Camera Vision System Insight 5000 Stainless Steel



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Product Description

IS5400-S11 is a stainless steel vision system designed by Cognex for the Insight 5000 series. The system is an ideal choice for monitoring high speed machinery with its 12 times speed rating. PatMax integration improves the precision and accuracy with which the device operates. PatMax utilizes a geometric pattern technology that accurately can locate various parts, eliminating the need for the user to reset or calibrate the field. All captured images are in grayscale, with the camera capable of presenting 256 shades of gray. All images captured by the device are processed with the 64 MB of available photo memory. Another 32 MB of nonvolatile flash memory provides a space for programming and job saves.

The 640 x 480 pixel resolution ensures that all images captured by IS5400-S11 are clear. Up to 60 frames per second can be captured with this camera system. A variety of ID and tools are built into the system, further enhancing the user experience. Features include text verification, barcode reading, and geometric tools. An Ethernet and a 10/100 BaseT protocol act as network connections for the module. Additional I/O connections are available using the RS232C port.

To ensure the device does not incur any unnecessary damages, be sure to follow all provided installation and storage guidelines. IS5400-S11 contains temperature sensitive components and should be housed in a regulated climate. While the device is operating, ambient temperatures can safely range from 0℃ to 45℃, or 32℉ to 113℉. Storage temperatures can also affect the device and should be monitored. When in storage, temperatures can fall as low as -30℃, or -22℉, and raise as high as 80℃, or 176℉. The device manual and datasheet contains all installation and safety protocols. Cognex provided original technical support for this device.

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IS5400-S11 Technical Specifications

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IS5400-S11 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting