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Cognex CCB-84901-1006-30 Ethernet Cable 30m/99ft


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Cognex CCB-84901-1006-30 Ethernet Cable 30m/99ft



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Product Description

CCB-84901-1006-30 is a standard straight ethernet cable designed by Cognex. This cable is capable of connecting a number of Cognex vision systems with external networking devices. Supported network devices that can be connected with this include ethernet switches, routers, or personal computers. The cable itself is compatible with an array of Cognex systems, including all Insight 5000 and Insight 7000 series models, as well as Insight Micro, Checker 4G, and DataMan 200. This ethernet hardwire connects into the M12 port on the system and into a RJ45 connection on the router or switch. CCB-84901-1006-30 measures at 30 meters, or 99 feet long, making it ideal for distance networking. The cable itself is teal with a black overmold.

Though CCB-84901-1006-30 is an ethernet cable, it is still restricted by a few environmental constraints. When the cable is installed and in use, ambient temperature of the operating facility should fall no lower than -25℃, or -13℉, and raise no higher than 80℃, or 176℉. These temperature ranges are only rated for the ethernet cable, not the entire unit. Be sure to refer to the Cognex series manual as well as the device datasheets for all information regarding climate restrictions for external modules and the vision system. All vision systems and cables were provided with technical support by the manufacturer, Cognex.

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CCB-84901-1006-30 Technical Specifications

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