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Cognex Visions In-Sight 5000 Component 825-0209-1R


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Cognex Visions In-Sight 5000 Component 825-0209-1R



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Product Description


This component is a part of the In-Sight 5000 series. These devices are one of the many varying categories of products, developed and manufactured by the industrial automation division of Cognex Visions Machines. These products are designed in a uniform manner, crafted with a die-cast aluminum housing, which is painted with a fine finish. The color scheme for these models is the standard Cognex Visions black accenting and primary yellow color.

This unit is designated as the 825-0209-1R, a single component part that fits within the In-Sight 5000 models. It is available for individual purchase from us here at AX Control Inc.

The In-Sight 5000 series is built with a similar set of dimensions across each of the available models. Without the lens cover attachment connected, the measurements are 43.5 mm by 124.2 mm by 61.4 mm, or alternatively 1.71 inches by 4.89 inches by 2.42 inches. These models weigh up to 350 grams, or 12.3 ounces.

The In-Sight 5000 series features hardware components such as the CCD image sensor, the 9 mm lens, the series of indicator LED lights, and the set of discrete output ports. For network communication, these units are built with an ethernet port, a 10/100 BaseT port, and is able to support a DHCP connection.

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