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Cognex 800-9012-2R I/O Expansion Module (C10-1400) Insight 5000 Series 24 VDC


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Cognex 800-9012-2R I/O Expansion Module (C10-1400) Insight 5000 Series 24 VDC



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Product Description

The Cognex 800-9012-2R is an input / output expansion module. This module was developed for the Insight family of vision systems. Compatible systems include the Insight 3400 series as well as the Insight 5000 series. When properly connected, this device provides user access to various system features. Accessible features with this module include power, serial, trigger, and high speed output connections. This unit also works to expand the capabilities of the system sensors by providing additional discrete I/O connections as well as hardwired serial communications.

800-9012-2R features a number of additional communications options what would expand the capabilities of its host system. For I/O capabilities, one optically isolated trigger input is available as well as seven general purpose isolated inputs. Six general purpose isolated outputs capable of withstanding a maximum of 30 VDC are also included. Dual discrete high speed outputs complete the I/O expansion of this device. A serial communications connection provides one RS232C port with a baud rate ranging from 2400 to 115,200 to the module.

Manufacturer provided storage and installation parameters should be followed to ensure that the device functions at its highest ability. 800-9012-2R contains a few temperature sensitive components that require a controlled operating climate. When the device is connected and communicating with a vision system, ambient temperatures of the operating facility should range from 0℃ and 50℃ (32℉ and 122℉). When the device is disconnected and powered off, storage conditions should be maintained between -10℃ (14℉) and 65℃ (149℉). A complete guide to wiring and installing this I/O expansion module is available in the series manual as well as the device datasheet. Technical support for members of the Insight series was originally provided by Cognex.

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800-9012-2R Technical Specifications

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