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Cognex DataMan barcode scanner DMR-262Q-0120

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Cognex DataMan barcode scanner DMR-262Q-0120



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Product Description


The DMR-262Q-0120 is one of the many models that belong in Cognex’s line of barcode scanners and readers, dubbed, aptly, the DataMan series. The DataMan series is made up of four different categories: the 150 models, the 152 models, the 260 models, and the one that this product belongs in, the 252 models.

The 262 models are equipped with the most advanced hardware of the DataMan series, with a standard global shutter capable of capturing 45 frames per second, a ⅓ inch sized CMOS visual sensory unit, and numerous integrated systems, such as an auto tune switch, a high powered, intense modular/field configurable LED lighting system, a green pair of LED lights for aiming the lens, and a total of 6 opto-isolated input and output units (2 discrete inputs and 4 discrete outputs) and then, to help novice operators fully understand the status changes of the DMR-262Q-0120, a series of 5, multicolored LED lights to indicate it’s status, and a loud alarm unit in case the scanner is out of the operator’s line of sight.

The DMR-262Q-0120 is programmed with the base level of software for the DataMan models, the 1DMax software bundle, which comes with the Hotbars II package. This software allows for a number of 1-D barcode types to be successfully decoded, such as oriented 1-D codes, stacked 1-D codes, and omnidirectional 1-D codes.

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