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Cognex DataMan 260 Series Barcode Scanner DMR-260X-0120

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Cognex DataMan 260 Series Barcode Scanner DMR-260X-0120



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Product Description


Cognex, the leading company behind a large number of industrial optical equipment used in assembly line processes. This model, the DMR-260X-0120, is a member of the 260 series of Cognex barcode readers and scanners. There are three other series in this line, the Cognex DataMan, given the designations of 150, 152, and 262.

The DataMan barcode readers are programmed with a number of software packages, with the base program being 1DMax, along with the Hotbars II software, which allows these units to be able to read 1-D type codes and labels. 1-D stacked codes, omnidirectional 1-D codes, and oriented 1-D codes are able to be successfully scanned and analyzed. Regardless of whether the labels have been printed poorly or not, the 1DMax algorithms are able to read the labels even if they’ve been damaged slightly.

The 260 X models are also compatible with the additional 2DMax algorithms, which allow for 2-D matrices to be scanned and read. These 2-D type codes are able to be scanned even if they have been heavily damaged or warped, or missing entire sections like the finder or clocking patterns.

The DMR-260X-0120 model’s internal optics include an image sensor of a ⅓ inch complementary metal/oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and a global shutter, capable of an acquisition rate of 60 frames per second. The image resolution that the high processing image sensor is able to capture has a pixel resolution of 752 x 480 pixels. It’s able to decode the labels at a rate of 45 codes per second.

The DMR-260X-0120 is able to be configured with two lens sizes, 6.2 millimeters, and then 16 millimeters.

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