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Cognex DataMan scanner DMR-260S-0112

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Cognex DataMan scanner DMR-260S-0112



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Product Description


One of the several modules in Cognex’s DataMan line of scanners. This model is designated as the DMR-260S-0112, one of the 260 designated modules, which allows for several features, such as the ability to successfully scan and identify 1-D codes, and with a number of specifications for physical details and dimensions.

The DataMan 260S model comes programmed with the algorithms capable of successfully scanning 1-D bar codes, 1DMax, along with the Hotbars II software package. These pieces of software make the DMR-260S-0112 able to read 1-D barcodes that are oriented at odd angles, omnidirectional in its label printing, or have been stacked on other labels. The scanning capabilities for the the model are as fast as 45 decodes per second, while the inventory belt is operating at speeds of up to 300 feet, or 91.44 meters, per minute.

Physically, the internal visual system that the DMR-260S-0112 is outfitted with includes a 1/3 inch Complementary Metal/Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor unit. The global shutter operates as fast as 60 frames per second, and the CMOS imager gives it an image resolution of 752 x 480 pixels.

The DMR-260S-0112 model is outfitted with several hardware capabilities and communications ports. There are a pair of discrete, isolated input ports, as well as a set of four opto-isolated output ports, as well as an RS-232 port, and an Ethernet trigger interface.

An integrated light system is also built in to the scanner’s frame, eliminating the need for an external light source, and a series of indicator LED lights, along with an auditory alarm, alerts the operators in any changes to the model’s status or actions.

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