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Cognex DataMan scanner DMR-260QL-00

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Cognex DataMan scanner DMR-260QL-00




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Product Description


This model is one of the several issues in the four DataMan categories of barcode and matrix code scanners, all of which were developed and produced by Cognex, the industrial optical equipment company.

The DMR-260QL-00 model is programmed with the software capabilities to allow them to successfully read 1-D stacked codes, omnidirectional 1-D codes, and oriented 1-D codes, as well as 2-D codes, all of these codes, regardless of whether the quality of the printing and label are good quality or not, and become damaged or warped. The codes may even be missing entire pieces of them, such as the finder or clocking pattern, and the 2-D reading software, 2DMax, will still successfully scan and process it. The DMR-260QL-00 is able to decode the labels at 45 codes per second.

The internal hardware specs of the DMR-260QL-00 include a ⅓ inch CMOS imager and global shutter that achieves 752 x 480 pixel image resolution, and an acquisition rate of 60 frames per second. There is a set of 6 opto-isolated, discrete input/output units in total (2 inputs, and 4 outputs), and 5 status indicator LED lights, with a beeper unit, and a pair of green aimer LEDs.

The DMR-260QL-00 model is built completely from solid state materials, meaning that if any repairs or part replacements are needed, then it will occur with much less frequency than if moving parts were integrated to the model, such as laser or raster components.

The DMR-260QL-00’s physical dimensions are standard for the 260 and 262 series; the in-line configuration being 43.1 mm by 22.4 mm by 64 mm, and in the right angel set up, the dimensions become 43.1 mm by 35.8 mm by 49.3 mm.

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