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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-260Q

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-260Q




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Product Description


This product, the DMR-260Q is one of the several models of scanners that make up Cognex’s line up of barcode readers: the DataMan series.

There are several designated groups of these scanners, the immobile, wall mounted models with the ID numbers 150 and 152, as well as the 260 (which clearly is what the DMR-260Q is under) and then the 262.

The DMR-260Q model is outfitted with a 1/3 inch sized CMOS (complementary metal/oxide semiconductor) image sensor and processor, and a global shutter, which gives it an image resolution of 752 by 480 pixels. The standard frame acquisition rate is 60 frames per second, and the model is capable of scanning and decoding 1-D barcodes at a rate of 45 decodings per second. The capabilities to scan these codes come from the 1-D compatibility software, 1DMax, which is packed with the Hotbars II algorithm package. These pieces of software allow for several different methods of 1-D code scanning, such as if they are oriented at odd angles, or omnidirectional codes, or labels that have been printed on top of each other.

The DMR-260Q model is equipped with a series of LED lights: a pair near the optical intake unit, intended for aiming, and then a series of five multicolored LEDs, accompanied with an auditory alarm, used to indicate status and action changes.

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