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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-152Q-00

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-152Q-00




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Product Description


A part of Cognex’s series of barcode readers, known as “DataMan,” the DMR-152Q-00 is just one of the models out of the 4 categories of this product. There’s the 150 and 152, and then the 260 and 262 models. The DMR-152Q-00 is one of the 152 models.

The Cognex DataMan code scanners are capable of reading both 1-D and 2-D level barcodes and matrix codes. These units are produced with the 1DMax and 2DMax series of software, which make them capable of reading and analyzing the codes, regardless of the quality of the code’s printing, or if any damage has occured to the label at all. The 2DMax software is capable of reading labels that have even been printed on the object itself, or even if there are significant chunks of the code missing.

The Cognex DataMan models are comprised of absolutely zero moving parts. No lasers or raster components, which break down more often than the solid state materials that the DMR-152Q-00 and other models are made of.

The standard hardware on this and other units are a switchable I/O unit, synchronized triggering, an auto tune button, and configurable lens options (with a 6.2 millimeter lens or a 16 mm size), and configurable lighting and optic units.

The standard physical dimensions of the 152Q model (while in the in-line configuration) are 43.1 mm x 22.4 mm x 55 (63) mm, and its IP-65 rated aluminum frame weighs up to 128 grams.

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