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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150XM-0110

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150XM-0110




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Product Description


From Cognex, one of the leading producers of industrial equipment and optical hardware, the DMR-150XM-0110 model is one of the 150 units, which is a category out of 4 others of what’s known as the “DataMan” series of barcode readers.

Off the bat, its most notable features at a glance include updated and some of the best of its class scanning and reading rates and no moving parts.

The software the DMR-150XM-0110 model is outfitted with is 1DMax, which includes the Hotbars II package, and these two combined allows for the 150XM module to be able to decode and analyze 1-D type barcodes. There are routines and functions to aid in reading heavily damaged labels, or ones with poor label quality, which usually ends up being warped or manipulated in some manner.

The 2DMax software allows for the DMR-150XM-0110 model to read 2-D matrices, regardless of whether they are printed onto a label, or if onto the surface of a product itself. There are also elements of the program that aid in recording and reading labels that may be missing a large chunk of the label, or even if there’s a significant pattern that’s obscured, like the clocking pattern or the finder pattern.

The DMR-150XM-0110 model has two possible ways to be configured, in both the in-line and right angle configurations. The two set ups for this model allow for an efficient placement to a wall fixture, and it eliminates the need for any complex external viewing systems.

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