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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150S-0120

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150S-0120




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Product Description


This model of barcode reader was developed, built, and produced by the manufacturer Cognex, as a part of their series of ID readers called “DataMan” with the designation groups of 150 and 152, and 260 and 262.

At a first glance at the DMR-150S-0120, this model has the best reading rates of its class, thanks to the up to date and fast-performing Cognex designed algorithms. 1DMax, with Hotbars II is designed to decode 1-D barcodes that have been damaged or warped in any way, or have just been poorly printed, from sizes from 0.8 pixels per module. The 2DMax software makes the DMR-150S-0120 reliably read 2-D barcodes that have been significantly damaged, with areas that have been completely eliminated, such as an absences of the finder pattern, clocking pattern, or a quiet zone.

The two physical configurations that this barcode reader model is able to achieve allow for incredibly simple and easy installation in tight spaces in the workplace. The straight in-line configuration and the 90 degree angle configuration completely eliminate the need for equipment redesign or a use of a complex external mirror system.

The DMR-150S-0120 module is built only with solid state components, and no moving parts whatsoever. There are no pieces of technology using laser scanners or raster components that will wear out faster than solid state technology, which then allows for repairs for this model to be even quicker and easier, letting you resume production sooner.

AX Control is able to offer a well-rounded warranty coverage for your purchase, and will repair or replace any parts covered within the time frame.

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