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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150S-00

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150S-00




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Product Description


The DMR-150S-00 is just one of the four 150 designated models of Cognex’s series of barcode readers. These four 150 models are capable of being attached to a mount fixture, programmed to be efficient ID readers, designed for zone routing, tote scanning, and short and medium range distance functions, at assembly line speeds of up to 300 feet per minute.

The DMR-150 models are installed with the ID capabilities to read both 1-D omnidirectional barcodes, and high density, printed 2-D matrix codes. Their set of hardware features also include quick reading rates, and no moving parts, and detailed performance feedback. These models are also incredibly simple to install into the assembly line workspace.

These barcode readers have several options regarding their specifications. For the lens options, there is either the 6.2 millimeter size lens, or the 16 millimeter lens. There’s also a pair of extended lens covers (polarized and unpolarized) that are compatible with the 16 mm lens. There are two liquid lens options with both size lens options.

This unit is equipped with a series of LED lights: a set of 2 green lights intended for aiming, as well as a set of five status indicators, which is also set up with a beeper system to let users know if there are any issues with the product on the line.

The DMR-150S-00 model’s physical dimensions are also standard of the 150 series, with 43.1 mm by 22.4 mm by 55(63) mm.

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