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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150QL

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150QL




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Product Description


Another one of the lineup of Cognex’s DataMan series of image-based ID barcode readers. Designed to monitor and scan product code labels, both the 1-D and 2-D types of labels.

The DataMan 150 subgroup of products have the highest possible reading rates it can possibly process, thanks to the Cognex algorithms they’ve been uploaded and outfitted with. The 1-D barcode reading capabilities make them able to decode damaged or warped or poorly published labels, while the 2-D barcode reading programming makes it able to locate and identify significantly damaged code labels, or even if specific zones of  the label are completely eliminated, like the finder pattern, clocking pattern, or the quiet zone.

The DMR-150QL is outfitted with two separate configurations for the warehouse line workplace: and in-line configuration, with dimensions of 43.1 mm by 22.4 mm by 55 (63) mm, and then the right angle configuration of 43.1 mm by 28.8 (35.8) mm by 49.3 mm. In both of these configurations, the weight of course, stays the same, 128 grams.

The image resolution is a 752 by 480 pixels, and has a global shutter, with a ⅓ inch CMOS image sensor, and capable of having a lens size of either 6.2 mm, or a larger 16 mm. Each of these lens sizes have options for polarized and unpolarized covers, and liquid lens kits.

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