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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150L

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Cognex DataMan Scanner DMR-150L




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Product Description


Designated as a part of Cognex’s line of DataMan barcode readers, the DMR-150L is one of the 150 subdivision of the series. The modules are all outfitted with the abilities to read both 1-D and 2-D codes. The 1-D codes are omnidirectional that, despite possible damage, warping, or manipulation, can be read correctly, while the 2-D barcodes, independent of code quality, printing methods, or what or where the codes are marked on.

The DMR-150L DataMan is entirely composed of solid state technology. No laser or raster based components that will wear out and completely break down more frequently. The DMR-150L model’s shorter repair time makes it much more efficient.

Included in its hardware setup is an auto tune button, synchronized triggers, with modular field configurable lighting and optics. The lens size ranges from the 6.2 millimeter and the 16 millimeter sizes. There are also several additions for the lens, too, such as the extended lens covers for the 16 mm lens, with both the polarized and unpolarized options. There are also two liquid lens kits for both the size options.

There are a series of LEDs embedded into the DMR-150L frame: a pair of green LED lights for aimer purposes, and a group of five LEDs to indicate the module’s status, including a beeper as well. The LEDs that make up the 5 are red, white, infrared, blue, and another red, a high powered illumination LED.

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